Jordan Peterson has made quite the name for himself as he quickly became popular through his thoughts on certain topics that he would often talk about on television and in multiple individual interviews. These topics would often be controversial in nature which would always lead the audience to either dislike him with a passion or start following his views regarding the same. However, the famous clinical psychologist has been dropping in popularity ever since he had deadnamed The Umbrella Academy actor, Elliot Page on Twitter.

Jordan Peterson deadnamed Elliot Page

Elliot Page
Elliot Page

The YouTube personality addressed the individual Elliot Page, by his dead name. “Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.” was the caption for the tweet that got him suspended from the platform.

This was a violation of Twitter’s terms of service and just looks nasty given that Elliot Page himself has never made reference to Jordan Peterson and it is unclear why he made such a special effort to target him. His account had been suspended and was almost ready to be restored. Right-wing cultural warrior Dave Rubin sent out a screenshot of his initial tweet as a show of support, which caused both accounts to be suspended.

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Two youtube videos were uploaded as a response

Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson

The first video was published on July 1st, immediately following his Twitter ban for misgendering and deadnaming Elliot Page. The “Twitter Ban” video, told his side of the tale after being banned from the social media platform for posting the statement “Remember when pride was a sin?” during LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Jordan Peterson refers to Elliot Page as an “actress” and used his deceased name in the video response to his suspension.

In a second video titled “Butchers & Liars Reprise” which was published on July 15, the Youtube personality focuses on gender-affirming care, which is supported by all major medical associations and has been proven to be life-saving.

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YouTube demonetized Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson

In two videos, the controversial Canadian professor Jordan Peterson purposefully misgenders actor Elliot Page and compares the treatment of transgender people to medical experiments carried out during the Nazi era, according to a recent report by Axios, YouTube has covertly stopped displaying advertisements for those videos.

The decision won’t placate. It is likely to enrage Jordan Peterson’s online fans who believe that the platform should not censor him at all.

YouTube’s reasoning behind the demonization was “We set a high bar for what videos can make money on YouTube. Many videos that are allowed on YouTube are not eligible to monetize because they do not meet our ad-friendly guidelines.” and his two videos “violate our advertising policies around hateful and derogatory content, and have been demonetized.

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