Leah Remini is known for her bold movies throughout her career, she took a risk of joining The King of Queens just because of the faltering approach of Kevin James. Talking about this in a recent interview, Leah Remini revealed how Kevin James’ unconventional pitch was enough for her to get on board with the project.

The King of Queens Cast starring Kevin James and Leah Remini
The King of Queens Cast starring Kevin James and Leah Remini

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Leah Remini agreed to work on The Kings of Queen just because of Kevin James

Leah Remini the well-known star from The Talk have always been in the headline for her bold moves. One such bold move was made by the actor when she agreed to work on The King of Queens without even reading the script.

During a virtual reunion in 2021, Kevin James recalled the first time he met Remini. James said that as soon as he met Remini he wanted her to be on the show. Although, at that time Remini was already booked for some other show.

“We were looking for the female lead, the lead of the show, and we couldn’t find anybody,” James said. “And I did a fake table read with Tony Danza… and Leah was there and I was literally in love. I was like this girl is amazing, she’s so funny and this and that. But the problem was, she was on a show already.”

 Kevin James and Leah Remini
Kevin James and Leah Remini

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Taking on her turn during the reunion even Remini recalled the time she agreed to work on this project. While talking about this Remini said that after meeting with Kevin James, within a few days, the show that she was supposed to do was called off. Despite this, Remini was not fully convinced of whether or not she should join the Kevin James show. However, she agreed that Kevin James’ witty talk was enough for Remini to get on the project.

She revealed at the reunion,

“What happened was I was just coming off of a show that got canceled, so I go in, I meet you, Kevin, and you immediately started making fun of me, going, ‘I’m sorry, were you busy collecting unemployment? I’m sorry, did we interrupt all that to offer you a job?’” Remini recalled. “And immediately I was like I don’t even care what the script is, I just love this guy so much and I was like yes.”

Remini also confirmed that she only saw this project to be one of the biggest risks that she was about to take at the time. Despite all the odds she went for it and the rest has been the history.

Kevin James once again on the silver screen: Guns Up

Kevin James the star of The Kings of Queen well known for his amazing comic timing is all set to return to the silver screen with a new action-comedy Gun Up. In this new movie, James will be playing the role of an ex-cop and family man who moonlights as a mob henchman. However, when jobs go wrong both of his worlds collide and he has only one night to get his family out of the city.

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Kevin James
Kevin James

Even though there is no official announcement on the movie’s release date it is set to make its way on the big screen in 2024.

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