A report shows former Adidas and Yeezy employees said that Kanye West used to show them explicit images and videos of Kim Kardashian. This doesn’t end here, the rapper allegedly showed the staff members videos of him having s*x with other women and asking their opinions about it. The rapper doesn’t have any privacy or concern about other women and himself.

Kanye West reveals his explicit videos
Kanye West reveals his explicit videos

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Reports show that former Yeezy and Adidas employees talked about how the rapper used intimidation tactics with them for creating an overly s*xualized environment which is often directed toward women in a toxic way. They also revealed how Ye used to treat other staffers and control them.

Kanye West Showed His Own  S*x Tapes to Staff Members

Kanye West showed his s*x tapes to Yeezy staffs
Kanye West showed his s*x tapes to Yeezy staffs

Sources also claimed that the rapper who also goes by the name Ye, played p*rnography videos to the staff in meetings, discussed adult stuff, and showed intimate photographs in job interviews, with a reason of staying focused. Not only he leaked his ex-wife’s explicit photos but also his own s*x tapes. A person spoke about this by saying,   “I feel it was a tactic to break a person down and establish their unwavering allegiance to him, testing and destroying people’s boundaries.”

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One of the former senior members claims to have seen Kanye West playing explicit content in meetings at least five times, which makes things even more clear. A letter by prominent former members of the Yeezy team showed that the leaders from Adidas were already aware of Kanye West’s problematic behavior.

Kanye West Used Explicit Content to Control Staff and Bullied Them

Kanye West plays mind games with staff members
Kanye West allegedly plays mind games with staff members

Former president of Yeezy, Pete Fox, also talked about this matter and said they never watched his explicit videos together but they looked at things which would be inappropriate for people. He further added:

“In high fashion, there’s a lot of sexy, controversial things that maybe they reference or look at, as opposed to a company like Adidas where you would never show any nudity in a mood board.”

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Other former employees talked about the atmosphere he created in which the rapper praised some employees while bashing staffers. They claimed he used to play mind games and added, “he wanted to continue to use his power to violate you in a quiet way and threaten your role and existence within the team.” Another letter revealed that the rapper had a disturbing s*xualized approach towards women he also used to bully them to control and make them work as he wants.

Source: rollingstone.com 

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