Marvel and Disney+’s  What If…?‘s season finale had got all of us hooked to our screens and we saw Captain Carter fight to save the Multiverse and she could also be hinted at being worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

The Watcher gathered different superhero variants which were revealed throughout the season and brought them together to take on Ultron. The final team had Captain Cater, T’Challa’s Star-Lord, Gamora,  Thor, Killmonger, and Doctor Strange with Black Widow joining as well. The entire team was successful to separate the Infinity Stones from Ultron and save the Multiverse.

What If
Team Assembles

Peggy Carter had a much different story in the series. Instead of Steve Rogers, she is the one to receive the Super Soldier Serum and takes on the name Captain Carter and even goes to fight the war. Rogers pairs up with her becoming the first Iron Man and the duo take on Hydra. They are then separated when Carter fights the monster summoned by Hydra and disappears for years.

What If…? hints that Captain Carter is worthy of Mjolnir. During the finale, the Watcher dubs the Guardians of the Multiverse lay down a plan to steal the Soul Stone from Ultron. And a part of this plan involves Captain Carter smashing Ultron with her shield. When she is assaulted by him, she gets a hold of Mjolnir’s handle which is flying back to Thor. She even rides on the hammer down to safety.


Marvel hints that Captain Carter is worthy enough!

What If...?
Peggy Carter

Captain Carter has proved her worthiness in the series. In the finale, she also put herself in harm’s way for good of others; just like Steve sacrificed himself in The First Avenger by plunging a rouge aircraft into the ice and Peggy did the same in her episode, disappearing for ages. At the end of What If…? Captain Carter ponders the possibility of joining Steve Rogers in another timeline, but the Watcher makes it clear that she is needed in her timeline.

What If...?
Ultron vs The Watcher

The finale doesn’t exactly reveal Carter’s worthiness, though she does hold onto Mjolnir’s handle; she never wields it. But considering Steve is worthy of Mjolnir, there’s no stopping Captain Carter.

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