This is how Ultron-Vision has killed the concept of MCU canon. What If has shown a totally different version of Ultron and a reality where the Avengers could not stop him from killing everyone. However, this is not where the madness ends. He goes on to gather the Infinity Stones for himself and be the ultimate version of the now called Ultron-Vision. Now, the mass killer A.I. is now just wreaking havoc in his universe, but throughout the multiverse. However, this Ultron-Version has killed MCU canon and this is how. Check it out.

This is How Ultron-Vision Has Killed MCU Canon

Disney+ series Loki
Disney+ series Loki

In the MCU, the Ultron that we see is very different from the one we saw in What If. As mentioned above, in What If, Ultron goes on to take possession of Vision, split Thanos in half, and take all the Infinity Stones for himself. However, one thing that was firmly established in the Disney+ series Loki, is that the Infinity Stones do not work outside their native reality. This is further supported by some comic evidence. JLA/Avengers crossover in the comics proved this when Darkseid took the Infinity Gauntlet to his reality and they didn’t work.

Ultron-Vision in Marvel's What If...?
Ultron-Vision in Marvel’s What If…?

But this wasn’t the case for Ultron-Vision in What If. As we all saw, this version of Ultron was too powerful. So powerful that he got the Stones for himself. However, when he discovered The Watcher and came to know about the multiverse, he continued to use the Infinity Stones. A simple theory says that Ultron-Vision is naturally too powerful and doesn’t need the Infinity Stones to carry out his mass genocide plans.

Episode 8 of What if...?
Episode 8 of What if…?

Considering the use of Infinity Stones in the realities kills MCU canon, it’s not a bad thing after all. That’s because continuity is something that has always been an issue for almost every comic. Now that Marvel’s phase 4 is all about the multiverse, the concept of Infinity Stones can expand with the knowledge that they indeed work in selective realities. Regardless, Ultron-Vision is the best thing that has happened in What If as of now.

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