308-year-old violin, called ‘da Vinci, ex-Seidel’ will be held at an auction at a specialist auction house, Tarisio on June 9. According to experts, the historically famed violin is expected to make a sale of $20 Million. The opening bid will be $8m, in the online auction. The violin played a major part in Over the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz. ‘What in God’s Green Hell’, say Fans. The film had one of the best soundtracks.

Toscha Seidel
Toscha Seidel

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Jason Price is the founder of Tarisio, which specializes in selling violins and bows. He said, “Whether we know it or not, we have heard this voice before and its memory recalls all the emotions, the tears, and the romance of the great silver screen.” He thinks the violin is special because, “it ticks all the boxes – it’s a perfect and rare instrument, it’s something that has been played in things we know and love like The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, no musician in the world will be able to afford to buy the violin.”

Fans react to the news:

The auction is in talks everywhere among fans and the people on social media. Apparently, it seems that people are tending to not take it as positively. They are rather shocked, and half of them are yet to even believe it. Some of them also support the thought that the money could be invested or used to provide for the needful.

Recently, on May 22, there was a mention of the auction in an episode of The Tonight’s Show of Jimmy Fallon. Well, initialized to be a regular informative interview but it hilariously turned out to be something we never knew was coming.

einstein, violon
Einstein playing Violin

The History of The Violin

Toscha Seidel was the previous owner of the Violin. The musician bought the violin for $25,000 in 1924.  Seidel described his possession as, “The tone is of outstanding power and beauty”. He played the violin to record music for many early Hollywood movies including Intermezzo, in which a renowned violinist, falls in love with his accompanist. Seidel liked to give solo performances and at times also with Orchestra. He loved teaching violin to ones who were eager, amongst which was Albert Einstein.

wizard of oz
Wizard Of Oz 1939

Adam Baer, a violinist, and writer said “That we largely associate love scenes or depictions of the less fortunate in films – or any scene evoking tears or strong emotions – with the sound of the violin is largely due to Seidel,” in an article. He believed that even if they haven’t listened to him, everyone felt a connection with Siedel and his beloved violin.

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