Tom Cruise’s career has now ranged over decades, studded with stellar successes. Apart from his dashing looks and killer acting skills, the actor is known for often putting his life at risk while filming.

He broke his nose while filming Roger Donaldson’s 1988 comedy-drama Cocktail. However, it was not because he chose to do his own stunts. Rather, mischief during a love scene with co-star Gina Gershon ended in Cruise having a wounded nose.

Tom Cruise Had Been Warned

Tom Cruise in Cocktail
Tom Cruise in Cocktail

Cocktail is known to be Tom Cruise‘s lowest-rated film, which doesn’t mean he worked any less while shooting it. The movie didn’t even have that many action sequences but somehow the Mission: Impossible star ended up getting injured.

While shooting the s*x scene with Gershon, he was warned that his co-star is extremely ticklish and can’t help herself but react instinctively. But Cruise didn’t see the signs and out of amusement tickled her anyway. That’s how he ended up sustaining injuries during a s*x scene.

Gina Gershon in Cocktail
Gina Gershon in Cocktail

As the Killer Joe actress mentioned in an interview:

“I remember at one point, you know, it’s like one of my first movies [with] Tom Cruise. And somehow he started off down underneath the sheets. He started to do one thing that tickled me. I said, ‘Oh my God, whatever you do, don’t tickle me. I really get out of control, it’s not funny,’And he’s like, of course he has a gleam in his eye. They say action, and he tickled me, and my knee jerked up and I kicked him right in the nose.”

Cruise walked himself into this one. Gershon’s reflexes had him regret his mischief.

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Tom Cruise was Protective of Gina Gershon


Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

The film came really early on in Gershon’s Hollywood career. She was the nervous newbie in her first major studio film with Tom Cruise as her co-star.

But to her surprise, he was kind and attentive toward her. For instance, during their s*x scene, when Gershon had to take her bra off, Cruise made sure that no one else saw her nude.

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The Face/Off star never backs off from praising Cruise. She gushed over Cruise in an interview:

“He was very protective over me. Whenever people say all these crazy things, I’ve always really liked him and he’s always been nice to me.”

Cruise’s golden character can also be understood by his reaction to getting kicked in the face by Gershon. She was scared and panicking over what she had done but Cruise assured her that she had nothing to worry about and he was the one at fault.

Gershon recounted his reaction saying:

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry. Oh my God, I just broke Tom Cruise’s nose.’ And he was like, ‘No, no. I’m fine. You warned me,’”

It is certainly interesting that the ultimate action hero of Hollywood sustained a really bad facial injury, but it was when he was on a bed pretending to be making love.

Cocktail is now streaming on Hulu.

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Source: Daily Beast

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