Ezra Miller’s The Flash is currently running in theatres across the world. Despite all the controversies and scandals surrounding the actor, they have still managed to strike a chord with the audience by their great performance. The Andy Muschietti-directed movie was not loved by the fans as much as it failed to meet the hype of being labeled as the best superhero movie ever during its promotion.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

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Despite great plot and performance, The Flash is facing criticism over its’s choppy VFX and several other factors too. Fans have taken to social media to express their reaction to the low standard VFX and visual effect, but the American director Kevin Smith simply disagrees with the reaction of the people on The Flash. A great friend of the Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith loved the VFX and as well as the surprise cameos that were a result of the stunning visual effect.

This article contains spoilers for The Flash

Kevin Smith On Defending VFX Of The Flash

During a much-hyped interview with the reputed media house Rolling Stone, the Mallrats director Kevin Smith spoke about various aspects of The Flash. He even addressed the much debated VFX of the Ezra Miller movie and even went on to speak about the cameo of the late actor Christopher Reeves in the movie. Kevin Smith mentioned, he simply has no problem resurrecting the late actor through CGI. He said-

“It didn’t bother me all. I thought it was just a really nice homage to the past. It didn’t feel like an insult. That felt like an homage. Some people are like, “Yeah, but they’re not alive to say yes or no.” And you know, I don’t know any actor who would be like, “Don’t use my image when I’m dead.” Like, you don’t go into this business to try to be shy, right? You want to be seen.”

kevin smith
Kevin Smith

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He further continued-

“And, look, I’ll give the world permission right now. When I’m fucking dead, you can literally do anything to my image or to Silent Bob in a movie. Anything you want. You could stick me in fucking p*rn, dude. I’ll be happy to be relevant even though I’m not around anymore. I worked 30 years to get my name out there and keep my name on some of the public’s mind. If somebody’s gonna do it for me for free after my death? Oh, please do it, by all means.”

While talking about a similar ideology, Kevin Smith even gave permission to the world to include him in anything after his death. The director feels that if one can express great acting caliber by using advanced CGI, there is simply no harm in that.

Kevin Smith On The Late Actor Christopher Reeves Cameo In The Flash

Amongst all the people who got offended by the Superman cameo of the late actor Christopher Reeves, the Clerks II director Kevin Smith is all praises for the cameo. During an interview with Rolling Stones, the producer went on to talk about how refreshing it was to see the late legendary actor on screen. He said-

“I have spent the better part of 30 years of my career referencing the movies. And now I’ve lived long enough where the movies are starting to reference me back. I’ve been telling that story since 1997. And it’s kind of become a part of comic-book pop culture. And so my Twitter has been blowing up for the last 24 hours and people want to know what I think. And what I think about it is, you know, in a weird way, even though I’ve been making films for 30 years, and I got my own career, I feel like, ‘Oh, I finally made it.’”

gettyimages 1181133794
Kevin Smith

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As a dedicated fan of cinema and comic book characters, Kevin Smith mentioned that he always finds joy in seeing his work referenced and maintaining his connection to the perspective of his audience. The Red State director further added-

“I mean, look, I’ll be honest with you, it’d be even better if they put me in the fucking things. That’d be way good for my brand. Oh my god. After we saw The Flash, Jason Mewes and I started lamenting, like, “Why don’t they ever hire us just to be the people that get punched by Batman in the movie? Like, we literally know the guy that plays Batman! How can can we hook that up?” And Jason’s always like, “I think they think we’re, like, too proud.” And we’re not. If somebody was like, “We want you to be in the movie where The X-Men punch you in the face,” I’d be like, done and done.

The Flash is currently in theatres worldwide.

Source: Rolling Stone

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