Chris Brown is one of the singers topping the charts after his song, Under The Influence is getting enormous love and support from fans all across the world. His song has become one of the popular melodies trending on social media platforms however one thing is annoying the celebrity, which is none other than his own fans!

Chris Brown
American singer Chris Brown

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The trending song has successfully held a place in fans’ hearts however many are confused over its lyrics. That confusion led to quite a debate which was solved by the actor himself.

Chris Brown’s Under The Influence is Getting Attention for Its Lyrics

Chris Brown
Chris Brown [Pic Credit: TimesLive]
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The 33-year-old Christopher Maurice Brown, who is professionally known as Chris Brown has released an R&B track two years ago. This track, Under The Influence, was initially included in the extended edition of his 2019 album Indigo. While it initially gained less attention, it went viral this year on TikTok and debuted at No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

After officially releasing the R&B track, the artist became the first R&B singer in history to have over fifty top-40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Even though his song got a fresh start through TikTok, fans have been getting confused to sing a few parts of the songs.

A Twitter user asked on the online platform if the lyrics he was singing for months were right or wrong. His tweet received many replies with people either confronting the user, responding to the queries, or adding a question of their own.

Check out the tweets below.

One Twitter user shared a screenshot of the lyrics being shown on Spotify. In her response, another stated that the lyrics are often wrong in many songs.

Another enquired which was the correct verse between “your body language” and “your body lightweight”. 

Another mentioned how they used to sing the wrong lyrics before they knew the correct ones.

Due to the song getting major attention because of its lyrics, the singer himself addressed the situation.

Chris Brown Corrected The Fans Over Wrong Lyrics of Under The Influence

Chris Brown
Chris Brown [Pic Credit: Los Angeles Times]
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The father of three was furious over his song’s lyrics discussion and addressed the same on his personal Instagram account. The singer took to Instagram stories on Sunday and provided the correct annotation of his viral TikTok song.

The singer wrote, “They been messing up lyrics lately on these music platforms… YALL BEEN HAVING A FIELD DAY WITH UNDER THE INFLUENCE…”

He added, ITS: fu**ing Robitussin. And it’s YOU BODY LIGHTWEIGHT SPEAKS TO ME,” ending the text with emoticons.

The musician has recently bagged the Favorite Male R&B Artist at the American Music Awards event on Sunday. He has recently released two new holiday tracks, It’s Giving Christmas and No Time Like Christmas.

Source: Instagram

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