Aaron Carter’s death shook the world to its core. The I’m all about You singer was found dead in his home in California on the 5th of November, 2022. And two things have made the death all the more shocking – the circumstances and the suddenness of the tragic event.

Carter was found dead in his bathtub on the said day. The cause of death is still not clear. But one person who is left the most confounded by the situation is his housemaid, who once used to be homeless.

Aaron Carter’s house was broken into

Aaron Carter
Some people broke into Aaron Carter’s house once

Aaron Carter had a lot of things going on for him. The younger brother of the Backstreet Boys singer, Nick Carter, was a musician, who also had a talent for acting and was an astute songwriter as well. A man of many vocations indeed. Thus he was busy for a long period of his life.

One such day, when he came back to his home, to his utter surprise, he found it open. According to TMZ, his house’s front door was ajar. On the inside, he found some evidence that the miscreant had the audacity to hang out in his house, as there were cigarette butts around the place.

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Aaron Carter hired a homeless woman

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter hired a homeless lady from his church to be the housekeeper

After the break-in, it was apparent that Carter needed to do something to ensure the safety of his home. One way was to invest in a robust security system that could have cost him millions of dollars. His friend came up with a cheaper solution – hire a housekeeper. He began his search soon.

His friend made it a point to ask him to hire a person who would look after the house while he was away. Carter, after looking for a while, came up with the perfect person to look after his home. He decided to hire a person he knew from church. The lady he hired also happened to be homeless. That lady now continues to be his housekeeper.

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The housekeeper found Carter’s dead body

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin
Alan Carter was facing drug addiction following his custody battle with Melanie Martin

The housekeeper has stayed with him ever since. She was also the person who found his dead body in the house. It is still not clear how he died, but rumors are rife that it had something to do with his longtime drug addiction. This might have to do something with the fact that he was suspected of driving under influence three days before his death, though it was later found that he was in the right.

Carter has a long history of indulging in drugs. He was found dabbling in them after being sober for some time, following his separation from Melanie Martin. His sister, who died when she was 25, also faced the same problem. However, the definite reason for death can’t be known until and unless the police give the report.

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