A lot of pro wrestlers dream of being at WWE. It makes it difficult when they release a Superstar. But that’s not the case with Mandy Rose, who has become a millionaire since she was let go. She held the NXT Women’s championship until last month, when she lost it to Roxanne Perez. Another shocker followed, with the wrestler being fired from WWE for posting explicit content on her own FanTime-hosted website, violating the company’s code of conduct.

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose

There was reportedly some concern among WWE regarding the type of content Mandy Rose released on her subscription service. Her subscription numbers skyrocketed after hearing that she was dismissed from the promotion. However, Mandy Rose’s release did wonders for her, as she made $500,000 in less than a week and stunned everyone by raking in a million dollars in one month. At the end of 2022, FanTime took to Instagram to congratulate Rose on becoming a millionaire in one month.

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Mandy Rose Makes $1 Million From FanTime In A Month

According to reports, former NXT Women’s champion Mandy Rose, 32, became a millionaire in December after selling her premium content on FanTime. After being fired from WWE, she made half a million dollars in subscriptions after raising the price to $30 a month. The manager of her company predicted she would become a millionaire by Christmas. FanTime congratulated Rose on Instagram with posting her picture and captioning it, “Congratulations to @mandysacs for making 1 Million $$$ in a month! Finished 2022 like a champ.”

FanTime congratulated Mandy Rose for making $1M in a month
FanTime congratulated Mandy Rose for making $1M in a month

According to her agent, she earned $500K in the week following WWE’s decision to terminate her contract. By the end of the year, he projected that she would be making twice that amount. Until March 2023, Rose cannot compete for any other wrestling company because WWE’s 90-day non-compete clause still binds her. Rose reportedly is doing quite well financially and can keep pouring money in rapidly.

A Fightful MMA, Boxing, and Pro Wrestling News contributor Sean Ross Sapp also tweeted yesterday about the Rose’s FanTime news, which reads, “Fantime posted that Mandy Rose made $1 million in December on their platform.”

Mandy and her fiance Tino Sabbatelli recently bought a Rolls Royce, as pointed out by prominent reporter Sean Ross Sapp on Twitter. After discovering the content coming from Mandy Rose’s social media page, WWE abruptly released her on December 14.

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Mandy Rose Responds To Becoming A Millionaire

During her time in NXT, Mandy Rose ascended from a mid-card attraction to become WWE’s top female superstar. As a result of posting private photos on her premium content platform in December 2022, her dream run ended abruptly when she lost the NXT Women’s title to Roxanne Perez, but fortunately, she made millions.

Wrestler Mandy Rose
Wrestler Mandy Rose

Alfred Konuwa, a Forbes contributor, wrote an article about Mandy Rose and sent out an accompanying tweet:

Mandy Rose closed out 2022 by getting fired in #WWE and becoming a millionaire almost immediately after. The last time I remember that happening was back in July with Vince McMahon.”

After seeing Konuwa’s tweet, the former NXT Women’s Champion thanked him and responded, “Ty

Rose is getting mixed reactions on social media as many are praising her for her earnings this month, but some are criticizing her for the way she earned $1M in a month. Her impressive earnings post-WWE might indicate she won’t return to the wrestling world after her WWE non-compete clause expires.

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