In case you are wondering about the wedding celebration of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage, the day has finally come! The couple, who has now returned from their honeymoon in Paris and giving major relationship goals photos on the internet is finally throwing a big bash party. Ben Affleck’s Georgia estate will be hosting A-List celebrities and many other popular names who will be joining the celebration of Batman actor and pop star. One unusual name that caught everyone’s eye was a YouTuber “Urban Monk” a life guru. 

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s  Wedding Celebration
Ben Affleck’s Georgia mansion is prepping for the wedding celebration

Jennifer Lopez’s life guru friend, Jay Shetty will be officiating the wedding

Jay Shetty and Jennifer Lopez
Poster of the coach conversation video

According to a report obtained by Page Six, Jennifer Lopez has reportedly hired Jay Shetty as her Wedding Officiant. Being one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, the urban monk has over 4.46M subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 11.5 Million followers on Instagram. In the past, JLo and the Urban Monk collaborated on a coach conversation video where they discussed talk culture, community, and creativity. 

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Who is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty
Jay Shetty moved to India for his monarch studies and returned to Britain after 3 years

Jay Shetty is popular amongst audiences for his motivational videos and the motivation that he provides. He is a former Hindu monk and Accenture strategist and does vlogging on his YouTube channel. The 34-year-old content creator has accumulated billions of views and now has a digital media empire where he talks about mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development. Considering the YouTube subscribers on his channel, the urban monk could be making up to $12,000 a month from ad revenue, making it over $146,000 a year. 

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Details about Jay Shetty’s podcast

Jay Shetty
Jay Shetty

In the past, the Urban Monk also officiated the wedding of Emily in Paris actress Lilly Collins and director Charlie McDowell in Colorado in September 2021. His podcast, On Purpose, has seen many celebs who talked about many topics. In 2020, the podcast was appointed as the number one health podcast in the world with over 54 million downloads in the first year. 

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As the expected marriage celebration of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is around the corner, fans can not wait for more lovely photos of the couple and the world of the Internet is looking forward to it!

Source: Page Six

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