Raoul Max Trujillo, renowned for portraying Zero Wolf in Mel G Gibson’s Apocalypto, stars as Conrad Carapax, the antagonist in the forthcoming DC film Blue Beetle. Trujillo, a versatile American-Canadian figure in acting, dance, and choreography, boasts an impressive filmography.

Raoul Max Trujillo: Diverse career spans film, TV, and theater

Image of Raoul Max Trujillo
Raoul Max Trujillo

Raoul Max Trujillo will play the villain Conrad Carapax, The Indestructible Man, in the upcoming DC superhero movie Blue Beetle. He is of Mexican, Spanish, and Native American descent. The Apocalypto actor has also appeared in several movies and  TV shows. Trujillo is a professional dancer who initially worked as a choreographer for the American Indian Dance Theatre. Later, he shifted his attention to acting and continued to appear in films and television programs.

Trujillo’s career spans more than 30 years in film and theater. He is perhaps best known for playing Zero Wolf, a ruthless Mayan slave catcher and the main villain in Apocalypto. Apocalypto, his 2006 film, was made on a shoestring budget of $50 million and grossed $120.7 million at the box office, and the actor’s gross net worth is estimated between $ 2 million and $5 million.

He has also appeared in dozens of TV shows in both lead and supporting roles especially known for his role as the Iroquois chief Kiotseaton in the 1991 film Black Robe.  He has also taken on roles in several shows like Hawaii Five-0, Mayans M.C., Saints & Strangers, The Blacklist, Salem, Manhattan, Lost Girl, Jamestown, MacGyver, and True Blood.

Cold Pursuit, Hochelaga, Land of Souls, Blood Father, Blood Father, Sicario, The Blue Butterfly, Shadow of the Wolf, Highlander III: The Sorcerer August 32nd on Earth, The New World, Octavio Is Dead!, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, and 22 Chaser are some of his other notable productions.

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Raoul Max Trujillo likes DC over Marvel

Raoul Max Trujillo as Carapax , Blue Beetle Villain
Raoul Max Trujillo as Carapax

In an interaction with Screen Rant, Trujillo revealed that his version of Carapax is different from the one depicted in the comics. He conveys, he is seldom into comics and superheroes, but he expresses his excitement about playing the supervillain or the franchise. And also mentions that superhero movies are an escape from reality and he loves the DC Universe over Marvel for its dark element.

” After watching Blue Beetle, I have to say I was, really, really happy. I feel like there’s so much light in the Blue beetle compared to the others.  Well, I don’t watch a lot of them because I’m just not interested. But Batman is [one of] my favorite ones, and there’s a darker side to those as of late. What I like about the DC universe over Marvel is that there’s a darker side to it.”

In comics, Carapax is shown as a minor villain who is seen in a short-run brawl with Superman. Despite being the main villain in the upcoming movie, Carapax is not a nemesis to Jaime Reyes. He is not even a Tod Kord one. Carapax is a  rival of the original Blue Beetle by Dan Garrett. However, Trujillo’s Carapax sees a significant transformation from the comics, delving into the character’s humanity and backstory while examining themes of US imperialism and the military-industrial complex.

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DC’s Blue Beetle set to soar into theatres in days.

Image of Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

The DC upcoming movie Blue Beetle follows the story of Jaime Reyes, who unexpectedly becomes a victim of an ancillary alien bio relic known as Scrab. This relic grants Jaime with capricious suit of armor that gives him extraordinary and unpredictable power that allow him to forever change his destiny and makes him a superhero called  Blue Beetle. The movie is comprised of an impressive cast, as follows featuring Xolo Mariduea, Bruna Marquezine, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Guillén, Becky G, Raoul Max Trujillo, Yuli Zorrilla, Elpidia Carrillo, and many more. The Warner Bros. Pictures film will release the movie theatres on August 18, 2023.

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Source: Screen Rant

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