With DCEU expanding its territory with more DC shows and movies, Batman forever has lost its spark today. Warner Bros.’ went with Joel Schumacher for Batman Forever after discarding Tim Burton’s franchise of previous 2 batman movies. The studio’s decision to make Batman Forever a bit lighter for the audiences backfired! Few fans are also demanding for Snyderverse Should Be Restored In The DCEU.

Today, we only remember Micheal Keaton, Christain Bale, Ben Affleck, and recent caped crusader Robert Pattinson as Batman. Very few people know about Val Kilmer being swapped with Micheal Keaton for Batman Forever. The franchise of Batman movies has moved ahead with the fancy house party sets that we got to see in the Batman Forever. Let’s have a look at Why Batman Forever Is Not Relevant Today.

Batman Forever was much like a kid’s house party

Batman Forever Val Kilmer
Michael Keaton did not return to play Batman for the Batman Forever. Instead Val Kilmer was chosen to play the Batman.

DC and Warner Bros have also kept the tone and theme of the movie a little dark for the audiences. Batman Forever was much like a family-friendly movie made to sell toys. The set of the movie seemed like a 90s party house with clowns and children coming to play. 

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Villains did not have any depth 

Jim carrey as Riddler in Batman Forever
Riddler is of the most enduring enemies of Batman. In the recent Batman movie, Riddler is played by Paul Dano.

Jim Carrey as the Riddler was notably a debate character. However, in the recent Batman movies, villains give competition to the main character in every aspect of the movie. Be it the dialogue, screentime, depth, origin, acting skills, and every trait that a hero possesses.  

Batman Charm has evolved over the years

Evolution of Batman
Val Kilmer was the 5th actor to play Batman on the Screen after Micheal Keaton stepped down to play Batman.

With the Dark Night Trilogy, we knew about the taste of Bruce Wayne as a Billionaire. Even in the comics, Batman has always been a playboy at day and a vigilante at night. With every Batman movie, we get amused by the performances of the actors playing the role but  Val Kilmer seemed bland for the Batman Forever. 

Batman Forever had terrible comedy and the worst Batmobile ever

Batman Forever Batmobile
Every fan is excited to see Batmobile in every Batman Movie. But in Batman Forever, fans were disappointed to see a ripoff version of the previous Batmobiles with extra headlights to make it look new!!t

With Marvel doing its own genre of comedy, DC is known for its dark humor. Batman Forever had moreover slapstick comedy and very barely any dark jokes in the movie. The Batmobile in Batman Forever was just a few extra lights added to the previous Batmobiles. There was nothing new in that. 

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