Brendan Fraser is one of those actors who seemed to be in nearly every movie in the 1990s and early 2000s. Throughout his career, he has appeared in a number of popular films, including The Mummy franchise, Blast From The Past, Bedazzled, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, and the incredibly fun Disney film, George of the Jungle. Reportedly, Disney is in the production stage of a sequel to Encino Man that will release on Disney+.

What is Encino Man?

Encino Man
Encino Man

Encino Man was released in 1992 and had a ridiculously silly story of a couple of Los Angelino high school students who accidentally dig up a frozen caveman from their backyard swimming pool. Brendan Fraser plays Link, the titular caveman who works to understand how he got to “modern-day” LA. 

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Paul Shorey revealed about the sequel

Paul Shorey Encino Man
Pauly Shore in Encino Man

Recently Pauly Shore revealed that the Mouse House was “talking about the possibility of doing a sequel…” While talking to Inverse in support of the Encino Man’s 30th anniversary, Paul Shore said the streamer was talking about a follow-up. He said it was just a matter of getting himself, Brendan Fraser, and Sean Astin on board with a script.

“I know Disney+ is talking about possibly doing the sequel, If they want me to do it and the script was right and Brendan and Sean were on board and it made sense, I would do it for the fans!”

Brendan Fraser and Encino Man

Brendan Fraser Encino Man
Brendan Fraser in Encino Man

Brendan Fraser’s first big role in Hollywood was Encino Man and it began to put him on the map. The movie ended up earning $41 million on its $7 million budget. However, the movie is sitting at 15% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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