It may come as a surprise to know that the most-watched series on streaming platforms at the moment is reportedly Suits, available on Netflix and Peacock. The show came to its completion back in 2019, however, it seems that its popularity has not died down at all. There are also some good theories surrounding the reason why older shows have been topping the charts rather than newer ones.

The chart that determines this comes from the list known as Nielson’s weekly streaming rankings. Suits is the second show streaming on Netflix to top said chart.

Four Years Since Suits Ended, The Show Topped Streaming Chart


It came to light that the American series Suits which ended back in 2014  topped the Nielson Weekly streaming chart in June (19th-25th). Of all the shows available on the various streaming platform collectively, the show has proved its popularity among all of them. According to the reports, the total viewing period amounted to 2.3 billion minutes in the mentioned period.

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It is amazing to see an older show surpass the newer ones in terms of viewership. The possible reason for this could be that people seemingly tend to binge on series that they are already familiar with instead of sitting down to watch a whole new show.


Furthermore, Suits is the second show streaming on Netflix to top the Nielson chart, the first being The Night Agent, a thriller series created by Shawn Ryan, but it is a much newer show than the former. Other well-known shows that have made it into the chart are Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, etc. Apart from Netflix, Suits is also available on the Peacock streaming service.

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More About American Tv Show Suits


Creates and written by Aaron Korsh, Suits is a legal drama that ran from 2011 to 2019. The plot centers around a college dropout named Mike Ross who successfully deals with legal cases without ever attending a law school, alongside his mentor Harvey Specter. Running for 8 years, the show proved its popularity with nine seasons consisting of 134 episodes in total.

The cast ensemble includes Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Specter. Other than that, a famous public figure Meghan Markle was also part of the show. The last episode aired on 25th September 2019, but it is still available for streaming on Netflix and Peacock.

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