Information appeared earlier today that ABC’s Agents of SHIELD would be ending with its seventh period. The news came out after Marvel Televisions only panel at San Diego Comic-Con. In simply a year as well as some adjustment, the flagship show for Marvel Television the better component of years will undoubtedly shut its doors completely. 

Legacy Of Agents Of SHIELD 

Legacy Of Agents Of SHIELD 

When that time comes, it won’t merely note the closure of another tv show at Marvel. It will undoubtedly indicate completion of age, an end to one of the homes that aided mould and mildew the Marvel Cinematic Universe into what it is today.

Agents Of SHIELD in the MCU

Agents Of SHIELD in the MCU

When ABC first broadcast the pilot episode of the collection, the MCU was just a covering of its previous self. At the time, only seven MCU movies had hit movie theatres. The “Infinity Saga” had just found its very first step with the first cameo of Thanos. After that, Agents of SHIELD goes along and provided us with the interconnected universe. 

Importance of television shows in MCU

The arrival of Agents of SHIELD verified to fans the studio meant business. Having an interconnected movie franchise had not been innovative by any type of stretch of the word at the time. However, a few had attempted to create residential commercial properties that crossed over between movie and tv. 

Here comes Marvel, using A-list stars from the films like Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders in cameo functions on television. However, it didn’t stop there. Stories as well as plot devices from movies released in theatres only months before locating their means right into a television program. It helped in continuing arcs that was discussed in movies by skills like Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Don Cheadle.


Watch the trailer for Season 6 of Agents Of SHIELD here:


Source: Comicbook, The Hollywood Reporter 

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