It’s been a while since Jennifer Love Hewitt entered the entertainment industry. Her appearances in several films, including Heartbreakers and I Know What You Did Last Summer, are well-remembered.

Well, she had already achieved fame in Hollywood, by the time she was in her late teens. But early in her career, she became aware that the media paid more attention to her private life and physical appearance than to the films she appeared in. Hewitt was even sorry for the suffering she caused her younger self.

Over time, the Ghost Whisperer actress noticed a slight change in the way men treated women. She attributed this change to the then-current extreme level of female empowerment.  

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Before landing her breakthrough role in the 2001 romantic comedy Heartbreakers, the 44-year-old actress started her career as a Disney Channel star. However, she claimed that in the past, attention has been drawn more to her outward appearance rather than her acting skills.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Upsetting Experience On Social Media 

Although she was primarily recognized for her beauty rather than for her acting prowess or other talents, Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of the most adored stars of the era. Thanks to her roles in movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Can’t Hardly Wait, she was able to amass a sizable fan base. She also starred in the wildly successful teen drama, Party of Five.

Because, quite frankly, Hollywood hasn’t paid much attention to Hewitt for many years, it’s difficult to believe that she has reached her early forties. Sure, a lot of actresses in the entertainment industry experience this.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Even the actress, now 44, was upset with how she was treated on social media when she was younger. Two years ago, in an interview with Extra, she shared:

“I really now, at 42, have started to look back at some of the things that I did as a kid in the business. Or the things that I was asked to do. And I realize that a lot of sexuality was placed on me before I even knew what it was for myself. And we were in a time of these magazines that you were put on the front of, and crop-tops, and all those things.”

When she was younger, it didn’t bother her, but as she grew older, she started to wonder why things were the way they were. Moreover, how much her gender influenced how she was treated, and sometimes, she was asked inappropriate questions.

She went on to say,

“At the time, I never felt weird. But looking back, I do think, ‘Why was I asked to do those things at that age?’ I just remember always thinking, ‘Ok, if I have a 40-minute interview, probably 25 minutes of it is going to be about my chest size or who I’m dating. Or what bikini I was wearing wherever.’”

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Her Thoughts On Female Empowerment 

Jennifer Love Hewitt once considered the possibility that the idea of female empowerment had been taken too far. She developed the theory, as a result of noticing what she believed to be changed in the men in her relationships. For instance, Hewitt didn’t get as many dates from men as she would have liked at the time. She typically initiated first, as a result of this. She once reportedly said:

“I think guys are really nervous, and I think guys, honestly, maybe somehow in the female empowerment thing we’ve taken a little too far now, and we have allowed guys to think that we don’t want to be girls.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt thought that some men were eager to promote chivalry, as a result of this shift in attitude. 

However, in spite of her earlier beliefs, she felt genuine pride in the progress made for women. She would be incredibly optimistic about the future, as a result of the changes.

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Source – Extra 

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