One would think that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would see Miles Morales’ presence in the recent story arcs. But this doesn’t appear to be the case – even though people close to the production claim otherwise. The kids, including those who are his age, love him a lot. This is actively proven by an entire generation who has become more intelligent day by day about science and technology.

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Miles Morales Already Exists In The MCU

Miles Morales technically exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was confirmed in Spider-Man: Homecoming when Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis character makes a reference to Miles by saying he has an “adorable nephew” named Miles. The latter resides in Queens, New York. Yet, fans never got to know details about Morales’ powers and other abilities.

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With that being said, in the MCU, there have been many hints toward Miles Morales possibly appearing in a future film. Another potential clue came from Spider-Man: No Way Home when Jamie Foxx’s Electro said to Peter Parker, “You got a lot of shits without those sparks shooting out of your wrists.” This is a reference to how Miles gets his powers and web-shooters, but it is unlikely to be any indication that Miles will be appearing in the MCU soon.

Will Miles Morales Ever Appear In The MCU?

Despite what fans may think, there is no clear indication that MCU has any plans to bring Morales to the big screen officially. With that said, however, there seems to be a lot of buzzes related specifically when it comes down to the character joining hands with his Marvel counterpart. As you might already know, however, things have changed drastically ever since the MCU entered phase 4. More diversity is being witnessed in Disney and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe than ever before. Thus, you never know what the future could bring to you.

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