The build up amogst fans regarding Wonder Woman: 1984 has gone beyond expectations. The Princess of Themyscira returns with her Lasso of Truth to battle not one but two villains: Cheetah and Maxwell Lord, in the sequel.

Patty Jenkins returns at the helm as the director of the movie with Gal Gadot not far behind, as the Amazonian warrior herself. And as a surprise entry, we have Chris Pine back as Steve Trevor.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine return in Wonder Woman 1984

But with all the excitement comes mysteries and with mysteries, we are bound to ask questions.

So without much ado, let’s delve into a few of them that has all the hardcore Wonder Woman fans pleading for a prompt release for Wonder Woman: 1984.

  1. Maxwell Lord’s Gameplan.

Although in DC world the lore of Maxwell Lord is far and wide, this is only the second time we are seeing him in the flesh. After the somewhat watered down version played by Peter Facinelli in Supergirl back in its premier season, Pedro Pascal has taken up the mien this time around.

Pedro Pascal's Max Lord in Wonder Woman 1984

In the comics, Lord is as powerful as he is charismatic. So what are his plans for the Warrior Princess?

Will he retain his mind control powers from the comics or be more like it’s previous DCEU avatar? What is his plan for the grand finale? Because with Lord, it is bound to be grand!

And continuing with the framework of the previous movie, will we have another Greek God gracing Diana with their presence? If they do, Max Lord will probably have something to do with it.

Kristen Wiig in Wonder Woman 1984

  1. Barbara and Diana.

From the trailer released earlier this year as well as during DC Fandome, one thing we know is that Diana and Barbara are familiar with one another. Before Barbara’s transformation to become Cheetah, they have had some encounter with each other.

So what is their relationship? Are they friends? Maybe frenemies? Or maybe they worked together, and Barbara was always a step behind Diana to gain success and recognition.

Wiig is Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2

There is a possibility of tragedy in Barbara’s life that led her to become Cheetah, but the question is what? Her desperation to become an apex predator; was it because of something Diana did or simply another one of Maxwell Lord’s manipulations?

The only thing we know for sure is that Kristen Wiig looks amazing in her new avatar!

  1. Diana’s Golden Armour.

Wonder Woman in her Golden Armour

Diana’s golden armour has been talked about ever since the initial photos of the cast were released for the film. And as she battles it out with Cheetah in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, we get to see it in action as well.

But what is the purpose of this armour? Why isn’t the Amazon woman wearing her traditional costume? And why does she need those wings?

We saw how Cheetah was somehow able to penetrate Diana’s force-field. Maybe the traditional armour didn’t hold up against the possibly mutant woman either, and thus the need for a new and improved armour, with wings.

Wonder Woman in Wings

The questions are endless, and the answers unavailable!

  1. Steve Trevor.

Steve’s existence in this movie is a mystery all on its own. After all, we did see him possibly being blown to bits in the first installment of Wonder Woman.

Speculations ran wild when it was announced Chris Pine would be returning to the role of US Pilot Steve Trevor in this movie. Will it be through Diana’s memories? That theory though was put to bed as soon as the first trailer dropped.

Wonder Woman reunites with Steve Trevor

So maybe Steve is one of those wishes Maxwell Lord was seen talking about from the White House. Theories also say that Steve isn’t Steve at all, but only a clone. Or even a descendant of the Trevor that Diana once knew.

Or maybe he isn’t even real. Maybe this Steve is just a manifestation of Diana’s trauma coming to life, to torture her in her grief and guilt of losing Steve.

Diana introduces the new world to Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984

Again, we have too many questions, and not enough answers.

  1. Wonder Woman Herself.

Now this mystery relates to what we have learned about Diana Prince in the Justice League movie.

Wonder Woman The Princess of Themyscira

The world no more knows who Wonder Woman is. Not even as a myth! It is as if she never existed. But we saw Diana during the World War I and then again in the 1984 trailer, as she runs around the city saving lives.

Then how is it possible that the world is unaware of her existence? What happens in or after 1984 that has the world forgetting about the lasso wielding Amazonian woman?

As of now, Wonder Woman: 1984 is set to release on the 20th of October, 2020. Fingers crossed the movie is released this fall and we get the answers to all our questions long last.

Until then let’s listen to “Themyscira” the first single from the movie, by the immensely talented Hans Zimmer.

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