While the internet Spidey fandom still fights over who is the best Spiderman, MCU’s take on Peter Parker has been very well received as well. He has appeared in one solo movie and three team up movies with a second solo movie on the way this summer in Spiderman: Far From Home.

There have been some recent rumours which suggests that the third Spider-Man movie could be used to introduce either Venom or Deadpool to the MCU. Given Sony Pictures’ history of trying to force Spiderman characters into films in which they don’t belong, Marvel Studios (Sony’s partner in bringing Spiderman to the MCU) should probably reevaluate the idea. Trying to force Deadpool or Venom in the next Spiderman movie could lead to Marvel repeating the mistakes of Spiderman 3.

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Why Does MCU Even Want To Introduce Venom or Deadpool In A Spiderman Movie?

Fan edit of Deadpool and Spider-Man
Fan edit of Deadpool and Spiderman

Since the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, the company now owns the rights to much more of the Marvel Universe including Deadpool. Deadpool recently starred in a comic series alongside Spider-Man that ran for 50 issues. This does prove that the two characters can work well together. Atleast on paper. Film is another business entirely and the character wouldn’t gel that well with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man take of the MCU. This is still a very teenage Spider-Man and that’s a far cry from Ryan Reynolds’ murder happy Deadpool.

But Deadpool 2 was the highest grossing X-Men movie of all time, so there’s no reason for Disney not to put Deadpool in another movie or to produce another Deadpool solo movie, (a solo outing would be the best way out of this scenario). From Sony’s perspective as well, it makes perfect sense to expand the profile of characters they have the rights to by having them interact with Marvel’s most iconic webslinger. The possibility of this kind of crossover was often cited as the entire reason why Venom was made PG-13.

The current Spider-Man films are shared between Marvel and Sony. Sony being able to connect their premiere superhero character to the successful MCU just makes sense, especially after the success of Avengers: Endgame.

The Current Venom Movie Vs The MCU Spider-Man Movies

Sony's Venom and MCU's Spider-Man
Sony’s Venom and MCU’s Spider-Man

Tom Hardy who portrays Venom has said that he wants to see Venom cross over into the MCU, and Tom Holland agrees as well. But a distinct disconnect between Venom and the MCU Spider-Man means it’ll be difficult to tie the two characters together.

Venom is a darker character than any other hero in the MCU. Combining the two franchises could turn out to be a tonal nightmare, either pushing Venom away from the darker aspects that made it unique or drawing Spider-Man too far away from his current light direction.

The new origin story for Venom is different as well since the symbiote never bonded to Peter Parker, fostering hatred for the wall crawler. Eddie Brock is a reporter in San Francisco, far away any Peter Parker who can enrage him. So while there’s really no reason the two characters can’t exist in the same world, but there’s also no real need for them to interact.

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The Spider-Man 3 Issues

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 promo shot
Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 promo shot

We know what happens when you try to force Venom into a movie which doesn’t need him and the proof of that is Spider-Man 3 which was the final chapter in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Sony forced Raimi to include Venom in an attempt to raise the stakes and potentially introduce the villain as a spin-off character. The third movie buckled under the weight of too many elements, forcing the introduction of Venom into an already overstuffed movie. So while the first two were heralded as cinematic achievements, the third one failed to swing at all.

The best way out would be to let both Deadpool, Venom and MCU’s Spider-Man grow naturally and crossover when the time arrives.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens on July 2.

(Source: cbr.com and deadline.com)

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