After a particularly low period for Marvel, the studio is picking up pace with incredible projects such as X-Men ‘97. Bringing the mighty mutants into the MCU fold has got to be one of the best decisions Kevin Feige has taken in recent times. It has sparked intrigue and excitement among fans as the two worlds collide and bring one massive explosion on the silver screens and cinemas alike. Along with animation, X-Men ‘97 consolidates the mass opinion on reviving the old series that once sat at the top of the charts.

The Success of X-Men ‘97 Recharges the Animation Industry

X-Men '97
X-Men ’97

With X-Men ‘97, Marvel has breathed new life into the animation industry as more and more studios realize the power of vibrant colors and cutting-edge techniques. Following the gang of mutants on one adventure after another in a world where they are hated, there is no dearth of interesting storylines in the animated show. After What If…? exploded into a massive success, Marvel was sure that animated projects might just save the day and rescue them from the quicksand of failing ventures.

The show is more than just a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though this is a pivotal moment for Marvel since this is the first time Marvel has opened at a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes since they launched the MCU, X-Men ‘97 has fresh plots and a relevant perspective to offer too. Remaining relevant in today’s time for a show that premiered in the 1990s is not easy. The team behind X-Men ‘97 tackles this challenge with ease as the characters are molded to fit today’s time as well.

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X-Men '97
X-Men ’97

Animation appeared to be the best format for this show since it gave the team a chance to play with action scenes and instill a profound sense of nostalgia in the masses. They are also revolutionizing the way animation as a format is perceived. Gone are the days when animation was equated to kids’ projects. X-Men ‘97 has adult undertones that attract a wider target audience. Seems like Marvel has finally captured the pulse of blending storytelling with visually appealing projects. X-Men ‘97 is making Marvel relive their days of glory while paving the way for more such animated projects to follow.

Developing X-Men ‘97 for the 21st Century

X-Men '97
Cyclops and Jean Gray in X-Men ’97

Molding X-Men ‘97 for today’s day and age was no easy feat. The 10-episode series follows the X-Men gang’s thrilling escapades as they defeat villains while dealing with their internal fights and arguments. The show continues where the previous show left off and showcases the characters in a fresh perspective. The showrunners even made the decision to embrace Morph’s non-binary identity. The most noticeable change in the animated series is Cyclops’ character.

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Rather than just being a mutant with a cool power, he is given a more layered role as he explores his leadership traits and attempts to fill Charles Xaviers’ shoes. His relationship with the team is also attentively developed. Not just Cyclops, all characters in X-Men ‘97 play a crucial role in furthering the overarching plot. Their fight for justice is against the backdrop of their own issues that sometimes create complicated situations.

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