Dark Phoenix might be the last outing for X-Men actors

Dark Phoenix will be the final outing for the current stars of this X-Men Films franchise, such as Nicholas Hoult as Beast. Then again, there is nothing stopping Disney, that the newest owner of 20th Century Fox and the X-Men films rights, by bringing a few of those stars straight back.

Nicholas Hoult is eager for the crossover of Avengers and X-Men

Nicholas Hoult is ready to return as the Beast.
Nicholas Hoult is ready to return as the Beast in X- Men And Avengers Crossover

Nicholas Hoult is out promoting his most recent movie, a biopic about The Lord of the Rings writer JRR Tolkien. While his period as Beast might be concluding, he would be eager to go blue to get a crossover involving the X-Men along with the Avengers.

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“Yeah, I believe that could be cool if they do combine them,” Hoult informs MTV International. “I am not certain what their strategies are, however, I loved playing the function and that I got to take him into a new place in this movie [Dark Phoenix] and try unique things if there were a method to maintain growing inside that personality then that would be something I would be considering.”

Role of Beast in Avengers vs. X-Men in the comics

When it did come into the Avengers combating the X-Men, there is the question of Hank McCoy, at the comics, was a part of both groups. When they fought Avengers vs X-Men, Beast combined the Avengers’ aspect of this battle. However, there is little doubt about who’d win that battle.

“The X-Men, of course,” Hoult states. “It is very different, however, superheroes into mutants. They exist in different worlds.”

Quote by Christopher Markus

Christopher wants to explore the idea of X-Men and Avengers Crossover:
Christopher wants to explore the idea of X-Men and Avengers Crossover:

“I mean, I would like to try out several things with all these new personalities they are getting from Fox,” Markus said. “I have always thought,’Yeah, you can make Cyclops to a true hero, instead of some sort of hitting the bag.’ And there’s a couple of others, profound canon, who I would not mind rolling out.”

Source: Superherohype, Comicbook

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