It is not often that you get to witness an ensemble of comedians on a single stage together. And when you do, it is an absolute blessing. The show is an absolute delight. You forget everything, waiting for the next punchline to hit you in the gut. And when you get to see a show which comprises three such people, then words are not enough to describe how great it is. This happened in New York City’s Madison Square Garden where Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Dave Chapelle were seen together. And it was a show of the goats. Literally.

Kevin Hart gifts Chris Rock a literal goat

Chris Rock and Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart gifted his old friend a goat

When the show being held in Madison Square Garden was drawing to a close, Kevin Hart decided to give his GOAT a real goat. Kevin Hart smuggled a real goat into the show, not something anyone is supposed to do.

And he presented the goat to Chris Rock, who was ‘rather delighted’ on seeing his gift. In an episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart reminisced his memories of the event. And he even shared the intention behind the unusual gift.

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Kevin Hart: Chris Rock is my GOAT

Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle
Dave Chappelle Joins Chris Rock and Kevin Hart on stage in New York City

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hart said, “[Chris is] my G.O.A.T. — he’s my guy.” That is why he wanted to gift him a goat. Hart’s gift was just to make Chris “feel that and experience the world of understanding how I feel about him in front of that audience.”

And Chris Rock couldn’t control his emotions at seeing the gesture. Hart added, “[Chris] almost broke down and cried onstage. It was a real moment. You don’t see that in our culture enough — you don’t see us share the spotlight and us show alignment.”

They later shared a picture alongside Dave Chapelle and the real goat. But the evening wasn’t all emotional.

And The Name of The Goat is…

The Slap Incident
Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in this year’s Oscar award ceremony

When Dave Chapelle, who himself had to smuggle his way in, asked what is the name of the goat, Hart quipped in with ‘Will Smith’. This was in reference to the infamous slap incident which unfolded during this year’s Academy Awards Ceremony.

Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. In the aftermath of the incident, Will Smith was banned from attending an Academy Awards ceremony for the next 10 years. Smith later apologized to the stand-up comedian publically. But Will Smith’s actions have disgraced his name for years to come. And Kevin Hart’s decision of naming the goat Will Smith was a reminder that everyone still remembers. Even Rock, who was not looking to make a statement, had to say something.

But despite all this, Hart remains hopeful that peace can still be made.

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Source: People 

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