Ever wondered how celebs keep themselves in shape? For Drake, achieving six-pack abs is the result of hard work and not surgery. Whether Drake has natural abs or not is up to him to disclose. However, he’s clearly committed to fitness. 

He eats right, and stays consistent with his exercises. The 37-year-old works out with a dedicated coach, and there are several photos of him training on social media as well. 

Drake in a still from God’s Plan

Jonny Roxx, the rapper’s longtime friend and trainer, said (via Total Shape) that the God’s Plan singer focuses on compound exercises and cardio to stay athletic and fit. 

So, with that kind of effort, anyone could have a body like Drake’s. However, despite his dedication, he often finds himself the subject of surgery rumors, which he’s quick to shoot down.

Drake Cleared Up Six-Pack Surgery Rumors

Drake (Image via his Instagram account)
Drake (Image via his Instagram account)

Drake isn’t shy about flaunting his gym-honed physique on social media. In a now-deleted 2019 post, OVO posted a picture of him, writing in the caption (via E News), “I forget what it’s called, but I remember the feeling.”

This led to a fun back-and-forth with his close friend, DJ Carnage. The Guatemalan DJ jokingly teased Drake, saying, “You got fake ab surgery in Colombia. You ain’t fooling anybody.”

Drake fired back, brushing off the comment and hinting at a possible reason for Carnage’s playful tease. He said, “Is this because you’re still upset about that thing with that one person the other day, thinking she was your wifey?”

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The playful banter between the two shows how people always guess about celebs getting work done to look fit. Yet, the Toronto native keeps denying he’s had plastic surgery. Before you think Champagne Papi and GORDO were really beefing, the Grammy winner cleared things up. After his witty response, he added, “Hey, relax, we’re friends in real life.”

Other Rappers Hint at Drake’s Plastic Surgery in Diss Tracks

Drake in a still from In My Feelings

Not just DJ Carnage, but rappers like Joe Budden and Pusha T have also dropped hints about Drake having plastic surgery in their diss tracks. In 2016, Budden teased Drake’s toned abs in his diss track Afraid, poking fun at the Canadian rapper by mentioning “his sculpted stomach.”

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Then, in 2018, Terrar King Push‘s diss track Infrared had lines like “surgical summer” and “snip, snip, snip,” making fans think he was referencing Aub as well.

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