A few bombshell revelations in Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare have caused him to face criticism before its official release. One of his military experiences grabbed so much attention when he talked about royal strategies and life experiences as a royal. Netflix Star and British Comedian Guz Khan also dug at the Duke of Sussex over his claim of killing 25 Taliban insurgents during his second tour of the Afghanistan war as an Apache helicopter pilot.

Prince Harry, during his time in army
Prince Harry, during his time in army

The Netflix star allegedly accused him of killing 25 Taliban insurgents were Afghans during the war and questioned if he had remorse for killing those insurgents. However, British Royals also look forward to new revelations that will emerge following the release of his memoir.

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Netflix Star Guz Khan Questioned Prince Harry

Known for his TV show Man Like Mobeen, Coventry comic Guz Khan, 36, also took aim at Prince Harry‘s claim that he killed 25 Taliban insurgents as an Apache helicopter pilot during his second tour of the Afghanistan war. Khan took to Twitter on January 7 to show his disappointment over the Duke’s military claims and questioned him for it. Also, Khan allegedly targeted Western forces for killing innocent people during the wars.

Guz Khan
Ghulam Dustgir “Guz” Khan

He tweeted,

“Your ginger prince Killed 25 Afghans. He killed all 25 in a war in which civilians were often butchered.”

“Women, children, the elderly. Innocent men murdered by Western forces. I’ve spoken with many soldiers who are traumatized by the things they did.”

“They’re sorry. Is he sorry?”

The majority of people disagreed with Guz Khan’s tweet and told him to read the full excerpts before expressing his thoughts. Also, slamming him for calling the Duke of Sussex ‘Prince Ginger.

Also, UFC legend Jake Shields does not believe the Duke’s claims, saying he simply had a photo opportunity as a royal. The Duke of Sussex served as a forward air controller in Afghanistan between 2007-2008 and then as an Apache attack helicopter pilot between 2012-2013.

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Prince Harry Faces Criticism Over Claims Of Killing 25 Taliban Insurgents

Duke of Sussex recounts in his memoir Spare the heroics he performed as an Apache helicopter pilot during the Afghanistan war, which resulted in the death of 25 Taliban insurgents. Prince Harry is facing heavy criticism over the claims. Several celebrities, military critics, former linked people, and now Taliban leaders accuse him of being in good image and telling a heroic version of military experience.

Prince Harry
The Duke of Sussex

According to reports, known for making a rousing speech before the Iraq war began in 2003, retired British army veteran Col. Tim Collins has criticized the Duke of Sussex for his war claims and warned the high-profile admission might put his safety at risk. Taliban leader Anas Haqqani also knocked the Duke of Sussex’s actions in killing 25 Taliban insurgents, comparing them to taking apart chess pieces from a board, as per reports. He reportedly argued that the Taliban insurgents Prince Harry killed were Afghans with families.

Excerpts from the book have dominated media coverage after it was released in Spain before its official release. So, the memoir also discusses the Duke’s former relationships and the people connected to those incidents, who are coming forward to share their personal experiences in support of or against the claims.

The Duke of Sussex’s tell-all memoir, Spare, will be released officially on January 10.

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