Since the Justice League Snyder Cut was out people have been seriously scrutinizing every detail of the movie. Because Steppenwolf has clad his new armor in the movie fans have been trolling heavily on the same. Here are a few of the funniest memes about the legendary villain in the DC universe.

1.  When Unclocking The Final Boss


It has always been a piece of sad news for gamers across the globe when they see the final boss with whom they are supposed to fight and later feel disappointed to see him getting unlocked as a playable character. The playable character is a weakling with not much of an aura of a powerful character to fight. This meme cleverly depicts how Steppenwolf’s outfit matches the gamer’s disappointment.

2. You Shouldn’t Have It


As Marvel fans know this cheesy line from the Iron Man which goes like, “If you’re nothing without your suit, then you shouldn’t have it.”. This is the DC version of that famous line. However, instead of suit Steppenwolf mentions his ax.

3. Oh, no! Not again!


The DC fans are acquainted with this familiar emotion that Batman carries over for his mother whose name is Martha. In Batman v Superman we know that Batman couldn’t handle his emotions when he encounters to kill Superman because their mothers both share the same name, Martha. In this one Steppenwolf cleverly uses his mother’s false name ( I guess it is false because her real name is Heggra) as Martha to save himself from getting killed by Batman.

4. Snyder cut v Wheadon cut


Steppenwolf in Snyder’s cut was seeming to be more threatening than the one in Wheadon’s cut and we know that all the fans have acknowledged that fact. But how much more threatening is the character is aptly portrayed in this particular meme. Whedon’s Steppenwolf seeks the Mother Boxes time and again but Snyder’s character is curious about how to destroy the planet in the first place.

5. Bandaids Please!!


When we see this thorny outfit of Steppenwolf we definitely feel sorry for the superheroes despite the fact that we know that they are actually invincible. Here Superman could definitely fight the one that Wheadon has introduced to the viewers but I can’t definitely say that he can fight the one Snyder has portrayed, because, he is so damn covered with thorns.



This famous meme format has perhaps piqued some interest in the viewers. Steppenwolf in the theatrical cut is a complete disaster by Joss Wheadon but in the Snyder cut he is the one who is causing the disaster. That itself was the main reason why one has to watch the four-hour-long movie in the first place.



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