The Dragon Ball series is an anime that is beloved all across the globe. For at least half of the people reading this article, Dragon Ball was the first anime they ever saw. It opened up a gateway for many, turning them into hardcore Otakus. The world of Anime began with Dragon Ball. And it has been going strong ever since. The current Dragon Ball Super series is only making the franchise reach newer heights. Fans all over the world are doing their bit to show their love and adoration for the cult classic series. Some have gone above and beyond, giving their vehicles Dragon Ball themed custom paint jobs. These are the ones to die for.


It looks like a callback to the classic Dragon Ball Z series. Is that Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form we see on the sides? The front portion of the car shows some remarkable detailing. They managed to keep all the Z Fighters on one body. That’s impressive.


The classic orange jump suit that is Goku’s trademark color is the base template for this one. The artist wantonly kept the detailing to a minimum so that the color comes out naturally. If there were too many colors, it would have taken our eyes off of the magnificent pose goku’s making in the middle.

chris brown lamborghini goku

That’s Chris Brown in there. And he owns a Lamborghini that he custom built with Goku’s face. The red and black look minimalistic and deliver the message. Sometimes simplicity does feel like the ultimate sophistication.


Beauty is always in the inside. The car may be ugly but if this is what the inside looks like, we are pretty sure the thing is a chick magnet.

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The car sports Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken AND Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. The engine of that car must be a beast. It just might be faster than light if you ask us.


Another inside job. Get it? Vegeta looks flushed. Has the driver been driving too fast? Just kidding. Nothing’s too much for our man Vegeta.

image asset

Presenting the Dragon Ball: Kamehameha version. You punch the accelerator hard enough and the exhaust leaves a trail of spirit energy while marking the trail.

This takes us back to the roots. Is that Akira Toriyama‘s car? if not, is he seeing this one? Because that’s his original artwork from the Manga right there. They forgot to give him picture credits.


Legend says it that the moment you sit in that seat, you feel your spirit energy rumbling. Those seat covers have all of Goku’s transformations from the original Kaio-Ken to his Ultra Instinct form.


How many of you are of the opinion that Super Saiyan Rose looks way more epic that Super Saiyan Blue? The one who ordered this paint job thinks the same as well.


Sit your ass down and make a wish. Goku is looking at you. Do not break any of the traffic rules or face the wrath of the Kamehameha. Do it twice and he will hit you with a Spirit Bomb.

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Not even Shenron could have granted this car to us!! Look at the colors. They even managed to put in Broly. This is one hell of a custom job.

This is the wish granting car. You make it have a good time and it grants you all your wishes. Someone did his homework when they did this job.

This Porsche RSR deserves all the love it could get. The Super Saiyan Rose form on the sides is such a cool color shade. We are in love with this one It looks absolutely stunning!!

This takes us back doesn’t it!! The image is a still from the original Dragon Ball anime’s opening theme. Aah happy memories of our sweet childhood!! Can we go back?


While we are not saying you can do all those custom car jobs, this one looks damn affordable. Just replace your car’s gear knob with a Dragon Ball. And it would still look a hundred times cooler.

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