One Piece released its 1100th episode “Powers on a Different Level! Luffy vs. Lucci” on Sunday, April 7. The episode was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from fans waiting eagerly for the animation of Luffy’s transformation, and Toei Animation did not disappoint.

Luffy vs Lucci
Luffy vs Lucci

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With an overall rating of 9.9/10, Episode 1100 is the highest-rated episode of One Piece on IMDb, surpassing Episode 484, ‘Marine Headquarters Collapses! Fans flooded X with appreciation posts, applauding the animation’s quality, especially during the fight scene between Monkey D. Luffy and Rob Lucci.

5 Best Transformations in Anime

The idea of transformations was generated with the Super Saiyan mode in the Dragon Ball Z anime, which still remains one of the best transformations ever. However, other anime series are not far behind, introducing heroes and villains who can transform into magical beasts, psychopathic killers, or ethereal fairies to win the battle.

Here are 5 transformations in Anime that are GOATED.

The First Gear 5

Monkey D Luffy Gear 5
Monkey D Luffy Gear 5

One Piece fans had been waiting with bated breath for Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation ever since Eiichiro Oda revealed the true power of Luffy’s Devil Fruit. Luffy’s Gear 5 was first shown in episode 1071 on August 6, 2023.

The episode showcased Luffy’s rematch with Kaido and demonstrated the pinnacle of the Gear 5 technique. Directed by Tatsuya Nagemine, it was absolutely fun to watch Luffy use his unique powers. The whole sequence was ridiculously amazing from start to end.

Rukia’s Bankai

Rukia's Bankai
Rukia’s Bankai

The revelation of Rukia’s achievement of the series’ iconic power-up, the Bankai, is one of the most eagerly awaited scenes in the adaptation of the last arc of BLEACH manga.

A stunningly dramatic final form that blends Shinigami and Zanpakutō, Rukia’s Bankai, Hakka no Togame stands out as one of the most exquisite moments in the rendition of the Thousand-Year Blood War. Rukia resembles an Ice Queen as she transforms into her Bankai form, with a snow-white body, flowing sleeves, and a regal ice comb in her hair.

Eren’s Transformation

Eren's Titan Form
Eren’s Titan Form

In Episode 7 of Season 1, fans of Attack on Titan witness Eren transforming into the Attack Titan for the first time which undoubtedly raises a ton of questions about the Attack on Titan universe. Titled “Small Blade: The Struggle For Trost, Part 3”, this is also the first time fans become aware that humans can transform into Titans.

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During this dramatic transformation, Eren plays a key role in many of Attack on Titan‘s most iconic and powerful moments. From the first time he changes into the Attack Titan, he steps past a point of no return.

Denji’s Transformation

Denji's Chainsaw Man
Denji’s Chainsaw Man

The protagonist of the Chainsaw Man, Denji, can transform into a human-demon hybrid, complete with lethal chainsaws protruding from his head and arms, which he utilizes to maim and kill any opponents in his path. Despite his nature as a pervert, Denji is good at what he does.

In Episode 1, we see Denji tugging at the ignition cord in his chest(a form made possible after his devil dog pet, Pochita, fuses with his heart to keep Denji alive), which kickstarts his dramatic transformation into the blood-thirsty psychopath wielding deadly chainsaws and a helmeted head.

Gon’s Transformation

Adult Gon transformation
Adult Gon transformation

During the Chimera Arc in Episode 151 of Hunter x Hunter, Gon undergoes a transformation when he sacrifices his Nen for an immense power boost to defeat Pitou. Devastated by Kite’s death, a dark aura surrounds Gon as he seems to have an intense internal debate with himself.

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Known as the “Adult Gon”, the transformation lends noticeable changes to Gon’s appearance. As an enhancement Nen ability where Gon enhanced his growth, muscle growth, speed, and aura, his transformation comes at a great price. The quality of the animation in this particular scene is extremely good, hyping the viewers with the build-up and the exhilaration that comes after Gon’s transformation is remarkable.

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