All of us love some stupid comedies but the ones with heartwarming moments can be even more enjoyable. There are many comedy films with some dark moments but some movies do take a step further and decide to hit the right nerves by involving some sort of tragedy.

Here are some comedy films which added an emotional flavour which never went out of taste:

1. When Daniel Gave His Testimony – Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire
Robin Williams

Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic comedy film and it is about the family and effects of divorce. When his wife filed for a divorce, Daniel tries to prove himself responsible and disguises himself as a housekeeper to be close to his children. His attempts are successful in keeping his family together.  His secret comes out and he makes a heartfelt plea in court to be allowed to see his children.

2. When Robbie Sang “Somebody Kill Me” – The Wedding Singer

Wedding Singer
Adam Sandler

The Wedding Singer is was a great film from the 1980s! Robbie made his living singing at the weddings and he is soon to be married himself as well. He decides to sing at Julia’s wedding but discovers that his fiancee no longer wants to marry him. He falls into depression and becomes good friends with Julia. As he sings, he remembers his ex and ends up signing, “Somebody kill me, please!”

3. Tallahassee Revealed Buck Is His Son – Zombieland

Woody Harrelson

Zombieland makes the audience laugh by transforming people into zombies due to mad disease and testing the survivors’ ability to cope. The things turn heartwarming turn when Tallahassee is in tears; reveals that Buck was actually his young son and not a dog. He went on to show the picture and the moment makes out hearts heavier.

4. Marge Made A Video to Say Goodbye – The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie
Marge Simpson

The Simpsons is not only a funny show but also has a balance of sentimentality as well. So when they had to make a movie, they did hit it out of the park. In the movie, Homer adopts a pig and improperly disposes of the waste making the entire city quarantine for being too toxic. When she finds out the city is in danger of being wiped out due to Homer’s selfishness, she wants to save everyone but Homer refuses to. She takes the kids and decides to leave Homer. She even records the message by taking him over their WEDDING VIDEO! Brutal.

5. Grace Prayed For Bruce – Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty
Jim Carrey

Bruce Almighty is a comedy film based on religion so there are no surprises that they have touching moments. Bruce after losing his job complains to God and He gives His powers to Bruce to see if he can do a better job. Bruce was caught cheating on his girlfriend at a work party and can’t stop Grace from breaking up.

When he checks his computer system, he discovers many prayers from Grace and all of them are for Bruce’s health and happiness and one even to help her not love Bruce anymore. Bruce ends up crying realizing that even God can’t make him happy if he’s hurt the woman he loves.

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