The DC universe has been a home to the most creative and powerful characters. The writers have to pay special attention to remain in the confines of the storyline continuity else it would be difficult for the readers to understand. What DC did was to place the classic characters in various self contained stories in the larger multiverse and this is how “Elseworlds” was created. The saga contains a variation of a popular character, in either an alternate reality or a different period of history. So today we tell you about 6 most powerful Elseworlds’ DC characters.

6. Bizarro (Red Son)
This was a version of Superman created by Lex Luthor to defeat Superman. He was created in the United States to fight Superman in a brutal battle till death.
The battle was intense and loud and it was so fierce that even the heavens shook under their might and even caused a nuclear missile to launch.
It ended with Bizarro giving up his life to save the world.

5. Etrigan (The Doom That Came to Gotham)
Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham was one of the most beloved sets by H.P. Lovecraft. The storyline shows Batman accidentally awakening a supernatural event during the 20’s era in Gotham city.
Etrigan, The Demon was one of those entities and was much creepier and exercised commands over all kinds of people and creatures.

4. Etrigan (A tragedy)
This came in Batman/Demon: A tragedy and Etrigan here is totally different from its previous depiction. He’s a bat demon in Hell who was casted out because he was too evil.
Unable to return to hell, he finds he Human host in the form of Bruce Wayne. He killed the people of Gotham and satisfied his thirst for blood of innocent people whenever Bruce was asleep. It was a life Bruce was damned to live and the horror it created was incomparable.

3. Magog (Kingdom Come)
This superhero came in Kingdom Come and wasn’t powerful just because of his abilities but because of the impact he had on the rest of the world. He was eager to do what no superhero had ever done: kill a supervillain. He even killed the Joker without any hesitation.
Instead of receiving criticism, this hero was welcomed and was allowed to operate. Unfortunately, this hero got too carried away in his quest to kill villains that he caused a nuclear blast in Kansas.

2. Superman (Dark Side)
This version of Superman was brought up in Apokolips and debuted in Superman: Dark Side. He was raised under the guidance of Darkseid himself and became the leader of the evil armies. He even had a suit of armour and was almost unbeatable with that.
Ultimately, this version of Superman had a change of heart and he went on to side with Orion and New Gods, to help bring down Apokolips and end the tyrannical rule of Darkseid.

1. Etrigan (Riddle of the Beast)
In Riddle of the Beast, Robin is sent on his quest where he is informed of a beast who will destroy the whole world if not stopped.
He was called “Beast” in the comic and this version of the Demon killed uncountable number of people and casted fear in the hearts and minds of the heroes. It took the best fighters in DC to defeat the Beast.

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