DC Comics are definitely much better than the movies and that is something the fans will always argue about (and they aren’t wrong.) DC comics have done a great job when it comes to separating DCEU and the Arrowverse. It was mind-blowing when two Flash’s appeared together in the Arrowverse considering few heroes just don’t appear in the Arrowverse and few in the DCEU.

So when Ezra Miller’s Flash (DCEU) appeared in Arrowverse, fans could see that there is a lot of difference between his and Grant Gustin’s Flash from Arrowverse. While many fans claim that Ezra’s Flash is better, we are here to change your mind on that one. Here’s why Grant Gustin’s Flash will always be better!

1. Grant Gustin’s Flash is a … FORENSIC SCIENTIST

Grant Gustin's Flash is Far Better
Grant Gustin’s Flash is a forensic genius

If you have read the comics, you know that Barry Allen is a genius and a brilliant forensic scientist. He has some commendable knowledge when it comes to chemistry. This further helps him solve the crimes for the police.

Grant Gustin was seen helping the police from the very first episode and proved that he can balance both, his heroic life and even his career as a scientist. Fans feel that this is a very close characteristic to the ones they read in DC comics

2. His Flash is the Most Perfect Barry Allen!

What makes Grant Gustin's Flash Better?
Grant Gustin’s Flash is a perfect portrayal of Barry Allen

Fans have complained that when it comes to Flash, Ezra Miller is more of Wally West. But Gray Gustin’s Flash is the perfect Barry Allen. He works as a forensic scientist and even mentors and guides the younger heroes present in his world. He is a perfect representation of what Barry Allen was in the comics.

3. Grant Gustin Has Nailed The Iconic Running Stance

Grant Gustin's Flash is th best one
Grant’s Barry Allen has a perfect running stance

One of the most important things that make Flash “The Flash” is basically his running stance. It is what kind of makes him come alive. Grant Gustin’s Flash gives the perfect impression of being faster than literally everything else we are looking at. He has that kind of intent and impression.

4. Great relations with the supporting characters in his universe

Gustin's Flash is the best representation the character has ever got
Grant Gustin’s Flash shares a great bond with other characters

Grant Gustin’s Flash has some amazing relations with supporting characters. He has great bonds with his team as well as other superheroes and they have all gone through many faces of life together; be it sadness or happiness!

5. Has Emotional Development To His Character

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The CW.

What was one of the plus points of The CW’s Flash was that his character had touching arcs and it involved many people in his life from parents to friends. We saw Grant’s Flash’s transition from a boy to a responsible person who has wisdom. We see him deal with so many things which DCEU’s Flash really couldn’t.

6. Grant Gustin’s Flash is a really great person

What makes Grant's Flash the best
Grant Gustin’s Flash is an amazing human!

Gustin’s Flash is a very good guy and a great friend too. He has proved to be an ideal son and a fantastic student and an empathetic leader. He basically can fit in every situation and try to even resolve the situation if needed too. But he can possibly be a bad guy too if he is needed too!

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