It’s official now (almost): Disney will buy the film, TV, and different resources of 21st Century Fox after
its rival for the bid, Comcast, dropped out of the offering a week ago. When every one of the legalities
and printed material are arranged, Disney will retain Fox and all its entertainment properties in a
procedure that will probably be finished by one year from now.

This implies, generally speaking, that the Marvel properties still under licence to Fox — the X-Men,
Deadpool, Fantastic Four and all their related characters — will come back to Marvel Studios, a Disney
auxiliary. This will conceivably bring all the superheroes said above and more into the Marvel Cinematic
Universe, which would fill in the final critical space in the MCU.

With the merger anticipated to go live by late 2019, what will happen to the Fox Marvel properties that
are under production? Two of those motion pictures — Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants — exist in
movie form as of now, while others, for example, X-Force and Gambit are in different phases of

With every one of these motion pictures probably slated for release in 2019, 2020, and past, their
destiny once the merger experiences stays dubious. Do Dark Phoenix or The New Mutants get released
before the two universes join together? Does Marvel retool them to fit into the bigger MCU? We took
this opportunity estimate, hypothesize and thought of some conceivable situations.

Dark Phoenix
Scripted and coordinated by Fox’s long-term in-house Marvel writer/maker Simon Kinberg (and denoting
his first time behind the camera), Dark Phoenix means to retell a standout amongst the most popular
stories in the Marvel Canon after it was messed up in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. The film, which

includes the cast that has been created in First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse, was knocked
from its previous release date to February 2019 allegedly to give Kinberg more opportunity for a huge
third-act re-shoot.
On the off chance that all runs easily with those, there’s a decent shot that Dark Phoenix will see the
light of day next February as arranged. Be that as it may, we can presumably count on the film being the
last to highlight the present cast headed by James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence,
Sophie Turner, and others. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will more likely than not try to reboot the X-
Men their way, with a radical new cast and presentation that will overlook all the X-Men motion pictures
that preceded.
In any case, if Dark Phoenix’s release is deferred again and Marvel acquires it, one of three things could
happen: Marvel goes ahead with a standard (if maybe to some degree all the more relaxed) release; it
dumps the picture into Disney’s soon-to-come streaming service; or most improbable given its financial
expenditure, it covers the motion picture in the vault and abandons it unreleased. Whatever happens,
Dark Phoenix will serve, unintended or not, as the finale to the series of movies that began in 2000 with
Bryan Singer’s X-Men.

The New Mutants
This is the other Fox-Marvel motion picture that has really been worked upon extensively — albeit
supposedly up to 50 percent of what chief Josh Boone has just put in the can could be updated. That is
the thing that has prompted The New Mutants being postponed twice, from last April to February 2019,
and afterward again to November 2019.
That possibly puts the film — which is said to be a blood and gore flick minor departure from the X-Men
universe — right amidst the merger, which could bring about a few distinct outcomes for The New
With the film officially just extraneously identified with the bigger X-Men arrangement, Marvel could
assume control over the undertaking and change it much further, excluding all X-references and making
it a straight blood and guts film about a group of children with frightful new powers. The picture could
be released with the public at large never knowing it was once an X-movie (although the fan community
would know the truth).

Or on the other hand, if that way isn’t accessible, Marvel could pick one of the alternatives talked about
for Dark Phoenix: Put the motion picture on the Disney streaming service or not release it by any means.
Given its moderately low cost contrasted with Dark Phoenix, those are more suitable potential
outcomes for this motion picture. We want to by one means or another see it in any case, and hope it
doesn’t get lost enroute.

Gambit’s progress has experienced more good and bad times than a roller-coaster, with enough
executives and authors strolling on and off the task to staff a TV arrangement. Channing Tatum has
remained on board since 2014 as the star of the movie, yet as of now the motion picture has no director
and no supporting cast. It does, be that as it may, have a screenplay and a June 7, 2019 release date —
which will be everything except difficult to meet except if they marvelously pull it together by

Given the proposed spending plan (an incredible $155 million) and the absence of advancement on
getting the project before a camera, we presume that this cycle of the Ragin’ Cajun will never observe
the light of day. In the event that Marvel Studios is occupied with conveying the character to the screen,
we would wager that they’ll present him as a component of a bigger outfit. To be completely forthright,
we never comprehended the interest of Gambit in any case, absolutely not staring in his own particular
motion picture. On the off chance that he does in the end appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it
won’t be like this.

Deadpool 3/X-Force
On the off chance that there’s any Fox Marvel character that is likely quite safe at the present time, it’s
Deadpool. The Merc With a Mouth’s initial two films have made more than $1.5 billion in the cinema
world, the presentation of notable characters like Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) was well
received by fans, and the equation for the motion pictures — string together a moderately
oversimplified plot and let Ryan Reynolds do his thing — has obviously worked.

The hardest part is the way to coordinate the potty-mouthed, unrefined, hard-R shenanigans of Wade
Wilson into the strongly PG-13 MCU. What the studio may do is keep Deadpool moving alongside simply
enough contact (a Deadpool appearance here, a visitor Avenger there) to make it unmistakable that
everybody is presently in a similar continuum — kind of an extended rendition of how the Deadpool
motion pictures have associated with the X-Men, as such. Despite the fact that there’s no official word
yet on Deadpool 3, Drew Goddard was marked long back to compose and coordinate the hotly
anticipated X-Force motion picture, and we have an inclination that Marvel Studios will stay with that

Doctor Doom
Villain based films appear to be extremely popular at this moment (see Joker, Venom) so it wasn’t quite
a bit of a surprise when the news emerge out a while that Fox was building up a Doctor Doom motion
picture. Obviously, the character has showed up on the large screen previously, played by Julian
McMahon in 2005’s Fantastic Four and again in 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, before
being "re-imagined" in the shape of Toby Kebbell in 2015’s failed Fantastic Four reboot. Be that as it
may, the two endeavors at imagining this amazing super-villain — one of Marvel’s most prominent —
were bungled crazy.

When it turned out that Noah Hawley, the virtuoso behind the Fargo and Legion TV series, was tapped
to direct a Doctor Doom motion picture, fans swung to enthusiasm in spite of the apparently outrageous
thought of a Victor Von Doom movie without the Fantastic Four in it. Prior this year, after news of the
Disney/Fox merger had turned out, Hawley said he was all the while going to deal with the content until
told something else.

We think that he’ll be told something else. The Fantastic Four are the First Family of Marvel Comics, and
it is extremely unlikely that Marvel Studios won’t have any desire to give them the best possible
treatment onscreen that they’ve been for some time denied, including another interpretation of their
continuous fight with a reestablished and effectively began Doom. Hawley will get paid and may even be
requested to add to the greater MCU somehow — not a terrible prospect by any stretch of the
imagination — but rather his Doctor Doom content will probably go into a vault some place in Latveria.

The Silver Surfer
While we’re cruising around in the Fantastic Four corner of the Fox Marvel universe, how about we
investigate the experiences of Norrin Radd, alien anti-hero, envoy of Galactus, and one of Marvel’s all-
around most cosmic characters. The Surfer made his film debut (played onscreen by Doug Jones, voiced
by Laurence Fishburne) in the movie that bore his name — Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer —
and somehow made it through that mess with his comic book dignity more or less intact.

Plans for an independent Surfer film have been lurking around since 2009, when J. Michael Straczynski
was tapped to pen a content, however fans were shocked to learn not long ago that a script for another
Surfer film had been authorized in spite of the likelihood of the Disney buy. It was all the more
energizing when it was disclosed that Saga and Runaways author Brian K. Vaughan had been enlisted to
direct it, despite the fact that there’s been no further news from that point forward.

The MCU brain trust surely wouldn’t see any problems with having an author of Vaughan’s stature in its
stable, so this is maybe one content that may very well remain in dynamic development after the
merger goes through — regardless of whether Marvel needs to appropriately recount the narrative of
the happening to Galactus once more, this time without the planet-gobbling villain appearing in the
state of a cloud.

Kitty Pryde
Like the news of the Silver Surfer content, the Kitty Pryde motion picture was unexpected when it was
additionally declared. Original Deadpool chief Tim Miller was included, as was legendary comics writer
Brian Michael Bendis, so the chances of advancement and production of the film were postive and
keeping in mind that she has never completely dedicated to any future with the part, Ellen Page — who
played Kitty decently in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past — has indicated a
willingness to return to it at some point.

We don’t know whether a character like Kitty could convey her own motion picture in spite of being a
fan top choice, and as we specified before, it’s more than likely that Marvel will drop all references to
the X-Men coherence set up by the Fox movies and begin anew. That implies Page likely won’t return
either, however we can unquestionably observe Marvel requesting that Bendis and Miller stick around
and take a shot at something different.FF

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