Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling’s new movie, The Fall Guy, is getting good reviews for its exciting stunts and funny moments. But despite the positive praise, its ticket sales haven’t been as strong as hoped.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy (Credits: Universal Pictures)

However, another Ryan has come forward to share how great the movie is! The movie follows the story of Colt Seavers (Gosling), a Hollywood stuntman. After a nasty injury forced him to quit, Colt gets a chance to return when his ex-girlfriend, now a director, needs a stunt double for her new film.

Deadpool Star Applauds The Fall Guy on Instagram

Deadpool 3 Marks Ryan Reynolds’ Superhero’s Debut In The MCU(Pic Credit: Instagram/vancityreynolds)
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in the titular film (Credits: Instagram/vancityreynolds)

In a possible boost for the struggling film The Fall Guy, fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds gave the movie a big thumbs up on social media yesterday. Reynolds, known for his huge hits like Deadpool, shared a picture of the movie’s poster on his Instagram story with a message for his fans.

The 47-year-old said he finally saw The Fall Guy in theaters and absolutely loved it. He called the movie a tribute to stunt performers and said it was hilarious from beginning to end. The star wrote:

Finally saw @thefallguymovie on the big screen and it did not disappoint. A beautiful love letter to the stunt community, but also a damn joyball start to finish.

This praise from a popular actor could be just what The Fall Guy needs. The point here to note is, even though ticket sales for the film haven’t been great, critics are praising the movie for giving credit to the stunt people who make all the cool action scenes possible. These stunt performers often don’t get the recognition they deserve, and reviewers are happy David Leitch‘s flick puts them in the spotlight.

The Fall Guy Flop Raises Futuristic Box Office Concerns

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy (Credits: Universal Pictures)

The summer blockbuster The Fall Guy starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt was supposed to be a smash hit. It had action, comedy, romance, impressive stunts, and two of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Plus, critics liked it, too!

But things didn’t go as planned. The movie opened much lower than expected, making only $28 million in its first weekend in the US. It did a little better overseas, but overall, it hasn’t made back its huge $125 million budget (via The Numbers).

The film premiered in March, two months before its release. Experts say moviegoers’ attention spans are shorter these days, and marketing needs to be perfect right before the movie comes out. Other films, like Dune: Part Two, which had a shorter marketing window, did much better. The Fall Guy is a love story between actors in their 40s. Teenagers, a big moviegoing group, might not be interested in that.

Also, it is based on an old TV show that young people wouldn’t know much about. As per The Guardian, the poor performance of The Fall Guy adds to worries that the 2024 box office might be a disaster. With Hollywood relying heavily on summer ticket sales, its flop could be a sign of a weak box office season ahead.

The Fall Guy is available to rent on Prime Video and Apple TV!

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