Johnny Depp has been credited as one of the most renowned personalities who has created a strong persona in the Hollywood industry all by himself. Even though he was involved in a major drama involving his ex-wife, Amber Heard, his fans always supported him which eventually helped him in the long run. It took him years to establish himself as a successful superstar who has often helped several others in and outside the industry.

Johnny Depp
American actor, Johnny Depp

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While he is working on his comeback in the acting industry, he has continued to explore several other interests of his in the meantime. One such profile of his is being an artist. This February, the actor presented a four-piece collection of portraits, which is titled, Friends & Heroes II featuring public figures including Keanu Reeves’s best friend, River Phoenix.

Johnny Depp Selling Friends & Heroes II Collection

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp presents his new collection, Friends & Heroes II

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Actor Johnny Depp, who sold the first edition of his handmade portraits last year featuring famous personalities which included Keith Richards, Al Pacino, Bob Dylan, and Elizabeth Taylor was a major success that went on sale for $4,740 per piece.

Continuing his passion for visual art, he presented the Friends & Heroes II, a silk-screen print-based four-piece collection, exclusively signed by him is available for $21,000 from Castle Fine Art.

The second edition is featuring the portraits of public figures like Heath Ledger, Marley together, River Phoenix, and Hunter S. Thompson. Individually, these are available for $5,400 each when they first went on sale in February but all 780 prints have now sold out.

The Castle Fine Art website described the actor,

“He has wielded this skill in his visual art, using it to create a true authenticity and depth in the portraits of those who have become the most important figures in his life, those who have altered the course of his life, providing influence and inspiration.”

The official collection of the second edition is still available as per the studio whilst the individual portraits are all out of stock. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor despite being an artist has often shown his kind heart in front of the world. He once donated his earnings to support his c0-star’s daughter after his demise.

Johnny Depp Donated His Movie Earnings to Support Heath Ledger’s Daughter

Late Heath Ledger with his daughter and Johnny Depp
Late Heath Ledger with his daughter and Johnny Depp

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The late actor, Heath Ledger passed away from an apparent accidental overdose in January 2008 which put a hold on his then-midway film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Due to that project being one of his last works, no one wanted it to go to waste.

At that time, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law saved that film without much modification and played versions of the late actor’s character, Tim in the film. The trio had also donated the earnings they received from the film to his daughter, Matilda who was 2 years old at the time when the actor’s death shocked the world.

The Sun via The Telegraph at the time reported that the actors were concerned about the little girl’s future especially because the Australian star did not update his will before his departure which might have caused some trouble to the family.

Source: Castle Fine Art

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