James Gunn, an acclaimed superhero film director, unexpectedly switched from Marvel to DC in 2022 and joined Peter Safran as co-CEO of DC Studios. To compete with Marvel, they’re giving the DC Universe a new beginning with new films. However, things got off to a rocky start with The Flash and Blue Beetle receiving mixed reviews and performing poorly at the box office. But there’s hope on the horizon with exciting projects like Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Gunn’s Superman: Legacy.

James Gunn
James Gunn

This transformation by Gunn is bringing a lot of excitement and change to the DC Universe, even though it means saying goodbye to some beloved actors. However, this new concept art featuring Alexandra Daddario as Wonder Woman has fans giddy with excitement.

New concept art shows Alexandra Daddario as Wonder Woman

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario

Following Patty Jenkin’s departure, some fans are giddy with anticipation over the prospect of Alexandra Daddario replacing Gal Gadot and assuming the role of Wonder Woman in the new DC Universe. Although there hasn’t been an official casting announcement, @horrific.heroics, a skilled digital artist, has created amazing concept art with Daddario as Diana Prince. Though it would be hard to fill Gadot’s shoes, Daddario as Wonder Woman could be a wonderful decision.  At least in this fan’s imaginative portrayal, Daddario looks the part with her gorgeous long dark hair and piercing blue eyes.

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Daddario currently appears like a good possibility to be taken into consideration for a part in the DC Universe, especially under James Gunn‘s leadership. Her recent work in popular shows like Mayfair Witches and The White Lotus has demonstrated her talent and versatility, making her a good choice for a DC character. Notably, Daddario has a history with the DC universe because she provided Lois Lane’s voice in the animated movie Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

Blue Beetle Outperformed The Flash at the Box Office

Initial box office results for Blue Beetle, starring Xolo Mariduena and directed by Angel Manuel Soto, were a little underwhelming, earning $25 million in its first weekend. However, it found its footing thanks to positive feedback from both critics and audiences. In fact, it has now achieved the third-best domestic weekend box office performance for a DC movie this year.

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Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

Even more impressive is the fact that Blue Beetle outperformed Shazam! Fury of Gods, a movie from the DC Extended Universe, at the domestic box office. Despite not earning as much as other of the top-grossing DCEU films, it is anticipated to earn $70-$75 million in North America, ranking it as the 11th highest-grossing DCEU movie there. Despite being more successful than The Flash and Shazam! Fury of Gods, Blue Beetle might still not have been worth the pricey production expense, which was more than $100 million. Therefore, although outperforming its competitors, Blue Beetle might not have reached the peak of success.

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