Amidst the Battle of the Hugh Seas between Queen Mera and Jack Sparrow, Depp fans can get a sigh of relief as it is rumored that Amber’s role will be less than 10 minutes in the Aquaman 2. So far all the evidence has been against Amber Heard during her court trial with Johnny Depp. Aquaman, being one of the most successful franchises of Warner Bros. would not want to take the risk by going against fans’ demands. The first Aquaman film crossed over  $1 billion at the box office worldwide and was highly acclaimed. Aquaman 2, as it turns out, may be about to do something radical to protect the franchise. 

Amber Heard’s screen time as Mera in Aquaman 2 has been cut short drastically.

Aquaman Trashes The Rumor Of Amber Heard Has Been Fired From The Projects

Amber Heard in Aquaman
Recently Amber Heard unfollowed Jason Momoa on Instagram and The pride of gypsys followed Jack Sparrow. Do you think it will make some more controversy?

Earlier it was rumored that Amber has been kicked out of the project and Emilia Clarke will be essaying the role of Queen Mera. During the Cinema Con event, reports of the upcoming Aquaman sequel started coming to all the major news outlets. There is no official confirmation, but the recent screening that some members of the press saw said, Amber Heard barely had 10 minutes of screentime in the movie. According to the film critics, it was purely a technical decision that the film did not want to be involved in the current legal. 

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When Did The Amber Heard Aquaman 2 Petition Start?

Amber Heard Petition to remove her from Aquaman 2
The signatures on the petition are increasing day by day as the ongoing court trials proceeds.

Since the shooting of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was announced, fans started to sign the petition to remove Amber Heard from the role of Queen Mera. The petition aimed to remove Amber Heard from the Aquaman sequel. “Do the right thing. Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2,” was the title of the petition description by creator Jeanne Larson on the petition. 

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom – What’s Next For The Jason Momoa Movie?

Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Jason Momoa
Fans are eagerly waiting for the trailer of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom and it is said that the film will release on 17 March 2023

So far the petition has got over has received over 2.3 Million signs and now aims to get 3 million signatures. It gained traction in November 2020, reaching 1.5 million signatures after Depp’s removal from the Fantastic Beasts franchise. In a statement, Queen Mera played by Amber Heard said, “Paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media don’t dictate because they have no basis in reality. Only the fans actually made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 happen. I’m excited to get started next year.” 

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