On the 12th of November, 2018 Stan Lee, the Legendary Comic Book Writer Stan Lee breathed his last.

With his final breathe, he left behind a world that he helped shape with his curiosity and imagination.

While his creativity remains unparalleled, 20 artists joined forces to give Stan Lee an artist’s farewell.

All over the world, fans were devastated to know the demise of the comic book legend. These artists take it to the next level.

These artworks might not live up to the work of Stan Lee’s but they do the trick just the same. The motions that these artists invoke are too powerful to ignore.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe would have never amounted to anything without him. A true legend indeed. If you like Stan Lee, there is no way you would not like these artworks. Here’s some for your taste.


All Marvel characters with Stan Lee's coffin

All Marvel heroes come together to bid the legend a proper farewell.


marvel stan lee 4

Of course – Two Universe Makers Talking To Each Other!!


marvel stan lee 5

No one would be more hurt than Spider-Man, Stan Lee’s Brainchild.


marvel stan lee 6

This is just wrong, plain wrong I tell ya!!


Thor Showing Stan Lee heaven

All heroes go to Valhalla. Good work Thor.


marvel stan lee 8

Goodbye Stan ‘The Man’ Lee…..


marvel stan lee 9

He led them to victory. Now he rests in peace.


marvel stan lee 10

Remember that epic scene lmao!!

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Stan Lee in Dr Strange's costume

The magician has left, to entertain yet another world.


marvel stan lee 12

Go get him Spider-Man. We want our Stan Lee back.


All the cameos of Stan Lee in one picture

If they ever make a movie on him, we want this to be the poster.


marvel stan lee 14

These are some colors on point!! Good job.


marvel stan lee 19

What’s cooking, Stan Lee??


marvel stan lee 20

This is simple elegant, just like the legend wanted his superhero universe to be.


marvel stan lee junchiu

He left. But Stan Lee’s legacy is immortal. It continues forever.

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Marvel heroes as kids playing with Stan Lee

This one might be too cute to ignore.


marvel stan lee 15

One final Ciao and up he goes.


marvel stan lee 16

Excelsior is his mantra. Excelsior indeed!!


Stan Lee on throne above all Marvel characters

All Hail the King!!


marvel stan lee 18

And this where it all ends. This is where it all ends ladies and gentlemen.

And just like that, Stan Lee was gone forever.


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