Avengers 1 Million BC are the Stone Age Avengers and technically, the first superhero team of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Let’s unravel the secrets of this ancient and prehistoric team.

Firehair – The First Human Phoenix Force Host, Found The Team In 1 Million BCE

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Lady Phoenix

The cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force has a penchant for redheads we guess. Its very first human host was a woman named Firehair. The entity possessed her and was about to go on a planet killing rampage. But a wolf managed to persuade Firehair to do the right thing, who then convinced the Phoenix Force to become earth’s guardian angel.

The Second Member Of The Team Was A Young Odin With Mjolnir

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Odin With Mjolnir

A young Odin that had recently ascended to the role of all-Father travelled to Midgard to prove his worth as the new King of Asgard. He carried with him the newly created weapon – the hammer Mjolnir. His father spared no expense at bringing pain and agony to Odin’s beloved humans but Odin thwarted his plans all the way. On his quest in Midgard, he found Lady Phoenix and became Avengers 1 Million BC’s first recruit.

Agamotto, World’s First Sorcerer Supreme, Was A Member Before Ascending To Godhood

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Agamotto – Sorcerer Supreme

No one knows Agamotto’s origin story. But we do know that he was the Earth’s first Sorcerer Supreme. Using powerful ancient magic, he defended the planet from all threats and created powerful artifacts like the Eye of Agamotto and the Book of Vishanti. Once he left Avengers 1 Million BC, he left the mortal realm and became an entity of pure magic.

World’s First Black Panther Joined the Team Long Before Wakanda Existed

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The First Black Panther

After the Vibranium meteor crashes into the lands of Africa, a young noble from the Panther Tribe assumes the role of the Black Panther after shaping gauntlets and armor out of the mysterious metal. He also ingested the heart shaped herb that was the result of the Vibranium mutating nearby plant life. Out of all the other Stone Age Avengers, Odin respected Black Panther the most. He even wielded the Mjolnir in battle.

A Wooly Mammoth Riding Ghost Rider Was One Of Its Founding Members

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Ghost Rider 1 Million BC

After a Wendigo slaughters a young boy named Ghost’s tribe, he strikes a deal with Mephisto who comes in the form of a snake. The first human bonded to the spirit of vengeance rides a Wooly Mammoth into battle. The Mammoth was slain and he later started riding a Sabretooth tiger. He switched back to riding a Mammoth later on.

The Woman Who Punched The K’un-Lun Dragon Became the First Iron Fist & A Member Of The Team

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Fan Fei – The First Iron Fist

Fan Fei was raised in K’un-Lun, a mythical city within a pocket dimension with technology that far surpassed anything humanity has ever seen. Fan Fei secretly ventured into the mortal world and taught humanity martial arts. When the people of K’un-Lun found it out, they massacred her friends by feeding them to the dragon Shou-Lao.  Fan Fei got enraged and punched the dragon and attained the power of the Iron Fist.

Vnn, A Caveperson, Inherited The Star Brand And Became A Hulk-Like Being

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Star Brand

After the Deviants kill his lover, Vnn stumbles upon the corpse of a T-Rex that had the star-Brand. After gaining its power, the Star Brand made Vnn turn into a Hulk-like being who killed all the Deviants and then joined the Avengers 1,000,000 BC.

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