Avengers 4 is still more than a year away, and the wait is killing for the fans. For one, the movie ended in an absolute cliffhanger after the Mad Titan made half the world(including a number of Avengers) disappear with a snap of his fingers at the end. At the same time, fans of the MCU were stunned by the knowledge that the course of things in this universe had been altered forever. A number of things will be resolved in the fourth instalment, and there are some things that we know will be happening. For example, Thanos will be back as the movie told us in big text at the end. Also, with the coming release of Ant Man and the Wasp and later Captain Marvel, we expect both the superheroes to be added to the Avengers roster. What we learn from these movies will also further our understanding of the MCU.

As far as superheroes go, we are pretty sure of who will be in the movie and who the movie will be focussing on, but the picture is not as clear for supervillains. While Thanos will obviously appear, there is huge uncertainty about which of the Marvel supervillains will be making an appearance. Here is the list of the ones we would like to see in the final instalment of the Marvel franchise:

1. Kilmonger:
The so-called villain of Black Panther has one of the most fascinating story arcs in the MCU. The final scene of the movie where T’Challa’s cousin dies of his wounds instead of submitting himself to slavery like his ancestors was moving and powerful at the same time. What we would like to see is Kilmonger making an appearance in the fourth movie. After the events of the Infinity Wars, it is a certainty that a lot of things will have to change drastically. Kilmonger has been a number of times in the comics and it would not be huge leap of imagination to bring back the best villain of the MCU ever.

2. Justin Hammer:
The smooth talking villain from Iron Man 2 was easily put to the ground at the end of the movie and thrown in jail. However, Sam Rockwell put in a lot of effort into the character even though the rest of the movie was mediocre at best. He last appeared in Marvel’s one-shot Hail To The King, and maybe it is time to bring him back for a more involved role in Avengers 4.

3. Vulture:
At the end of the Spiderman Homecoming, we see the malicious Vulture repenting and promising to reform his ways. He still ended up in a high security prison where he wasn’t likely to escape very soon. But with Thanos turning half the universe into dust, it is quite possible that Vulture will escape his max security prison. And then, it is not unknown in the Marvel universe for supervillains to escape. Vulture can come around in the final Avengers movie and help the Avengers get back the people lost to Thanos.

4. Red Skull:
There was a big cheer from fans of MCU who have stuck around for a long time when it was revealed that Red Skull was the guardian of the Soul Stone. There was not much that he did in the Avengers Infinity Wars movie except deliver a longish speech in a black cloak. The former general of Nazi Germany has now an explained absence since the very first Avengers movie appeared so many years ago,
and Avengers 4 should keep this going and keep Ross Marquand around for a more permanent position in the MCU rather than packing him off.

5. The Collector:
This very weird supervillain is expected to appear in the final instalment of the Avengers to just let viewers know that he did survive after Thanos made half the universe disappear. The character, played by Benicio del Toro, was in the Infinity Wars movie but he appeared as an apparition only. The MCU has been adding the Elders, with The Collector, Ego and The Grandmaster already on the
roster. It is widely expected that The Collector survived Thanos’s assault on his base, but we would not know for sure unless he appears in the final movie. Thanos’s story will be completed in the fourth movie, and the next phase of MCU movies need other cosmic threats and the three elders introduced before can serve as the villains to beat.

6. The Grandmaster:
The idea for introducing The Grandmaster will be the same as introducing introducing the other Elders as the next big threats of the MCU. Another good reason for having the character is the actor Jeff Goldblum’s performance. He had a major role in the Thor: Ragnarok movie but there is no limit to what Goldblum or The Grandmaster can do.

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