American actor and director Ben Affleck has given some truly outstanding performances in films, ranging from his early work in Good Will Hunting to his compelling portrayal in Gone Girl. But he regrets one role choice more than any other, though.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Affleck played the superhero Daredevil and he still regrets signing up for it. While he gave his everything to the character of the blind superhero in the 2003 movie, he later acknowledged that it was a decision he wished he hadn’t made. But what many might not know is that the role in question was also offered to Matt Damon and Vin Diesel.

Ben Affleck was not the first person to be offered the Daredevil role

The part of Daredevil was up for grabs in the early 2000s, and Matt Damon was the first person to receive an offer. Damon, though, had strong doubts about it. Despite the fact that both Damon and Ben Affleck had grown up reading Daredevil comics, Damon was hesitant since he wasn’t familiar with the director’s previous work and was unsure of the movie’s potential.

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

In the end, he decided to pass on the opportunity, saying to Variety (Via Far Out Magazine),

When that one came along, I chickened out because I couldn’t tell. I hadn’t seen the director’s work and I didn’t know. So I just said, ‘no.’

While Affleck ultimately took on the role of Daredevil, the 2003 movie didn’t turn out to be a source of pride for either actor.

Later, Affleck expressed regret for choosing to portray the blind vigilante. Damon, who is renowned for his varied acting career, oddly never tried his hand at playing a superhero, so perhaps this close call with Daredevil was for the best. However, he did have one condition.

Damon would have agreed to star if famed director Christopher Nolan were to direct the project. However, that never materialized, and the Daredevil movie remains a somewhat forgettable chapter in superhero cinema. Not only Damon, but actor Vin Diesel also dodged the bullet.

Vin Diesel declined to play Daredevil as well

Vin Diesel, the action hero best known for playing Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious series, had the opportunity to expand his career by taking on the role of a superhero. Like his fellow actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Diesel was once asked to play the blind vigilante Daredevil. But he made a different decision, deciding to play the lead in xXx instead.

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Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel’s decision to turn down the role of Daredevil opened doors to other opportunities. The 2003 Daredevil movie, starring Ben Affleck, didn’t quite achieve the same level of success. Although the movie did well at the box office, it received mixed reviews.

It is still largely forgotten about among superhero movies. Diesel, on the other hand, was successful in other action-packed movies. He cemented his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable action stars with franchises like xXx and Fast and Furious.

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Source: Far Out Magazine

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