As Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage made the news all over the internet, a piece of recent news revealed that the couple reportedly didn’t ‘Divorce-Proof’ their marriage with a prenup. A source of OK! Magazine said Ben Affleck has a “grounding” effect on JLo. With this act, it seems evident that divorce is not in the cards for the #Bennifer anytime soon. 

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s unconditional love

Lopez and Affleck at their wedding.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at their wedding. (16 July 2022)

The same source also revealed that if it comes down to divorce at any time in the future, Ben Affleck will at least be walking away with half of JLo’s fortune. Reportedly, the pop star has full trust and confidence in the Batman actor, leading the couple to agree a prenuptial agreement wasn’t necessary.

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Bennifer’s net worth

Affleck and Lopez.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s worth is around $400 million whereas the Batman star’s ranges around $150 million as per the outlet combining a $550 million fortune at stake. “He doesn’t have that same need to show off or do things on such a big scale anymore and that’s helped to balance Jennifer out in that regard”, the insider revealed. 

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Insider comments about the couple

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at their wedding.

She gets a lot more pleasure out of the simple, smaller things than she used to,” the source added about JLo. The outlet shared that while “Jennifer loves Ben for exactly who he is,” the source noted that after rekindling their romance last year, Bennifer seems stronger than ever. “Ben’s grown up an awful lot in the 18 years since they first split,” the insider added.

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Another source told Daily Mail that the couple had a “No Cheating Clause” which JLo implemented after Ben Affleck reportedly spent a night with strippers.  “The prenuptial agreement is to protect both their assets and says that if they do split, they keep their own money, except if Ben cheats,” the source added. 

Since we are not ready for any other celebrity legal feud anytime soon, this report of Bennifer spreading their love definitely brings some hope of fresh air in Hollywood. 

Source: OK! Magazine, Daily Mail 

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