Even after the tragic demise of Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther 2 has only suffered a minor delay. Kevin Feige has confirmed that the late actor won’t be recast. His legacy will live on forever in the MCU. Furthermore, Marvel producer, Victoria Alonso also confirmed that no CGI double will be used for Boseman either. So, Marvel will have to come up with a way to do justice to Boseman, his character, and the entire Black Panther franchise.

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Now that they’ve decided not to recast Boseman in Black Panther II, we reckon that they already have a plan to move forward. We reckon that T’Challa will probably have to be killed off in the beginning so that some other character could take on the mantle. And, Redditor u/GeorgeHarrisonIsBae presents a nice little theory for how the new Black Panther will be Nakia, and not Shuri. Here, check it out:

black panther 2 Nakia Theory

I’ve been saying it right from the beginning that Shuri would be a great Black Panther in the future. It is quite inevitable that the moniker will be passed on to her. But having said that, it’s just too soon for her to be Black Panther at this very moment. I totally agree with the theory of making Nakia the next Black Panther. She was the one that Queen Ramonda chose instead of M’Baku, when T’Challa supposedly died in ritual combat. So, it would make sense for her to be the new Panther indeed.

Nakia offers TChalla words of wisdom

Nakia initially denied the opportunity of taking on the mantle because she was just a Wakandan spy back in the first film. But, it’s a nice theory that T’Challa could have married her right after the events of Avengers: Endgame. That way, she’d be bound by duty and responsibility to become the protector of Wakanda, as she’d already be the queen. Furthermore, Ryan Coogler could run a revenge-forgiveness narrative as Nakia could seek revenge for the demise of her husband (probably against Namor). And then, she’d ultimately pick the same option as T’Challa did when he was out for revenge against Bucky and Zemo.

Nakia Black Pathern

Lupita Nyong’O may not seem as big of a name as Chadwick Boseman was, but she is a very talented Oscar winning actress. Her achievements in the past certainly played a part for her to get the leading role in the first movie. So, you’ve got to agree with the fact that she is a worthy candidate for being the new Black Panther. Although, the transition from T’Challa to another character could also depend upon who sat on the throne during the Avengers: Endgame time jump.


The one who became King or Queen during those 5 years could once again take the throne. Considering that M’Baku still walked in the Endgame battle as T’Challa’s associate and not the King of Wakanda, we’re certain that he wasn’t sitting on the throne. Nakia did not show up in Endgame, so maybe she was occupied with one of her covert spy missions. Hence, she also wasn’t sitting on the throne either. Maybe, Queen Ramonda sat on the throne for those 5 years. In that case, we’d definitely be looking at a new King or Queen in Black Panther II.

Certain wild theories have also suggested that T’Challa did not let Killmonger die, and he has been kept in Cryo-sleep ever since. So, he could be brought back from the dead in order to lead Wakanda to glory. But that would be way over the top, and it would diminish the narrative and impact of the first Black Panther movie. It’d also make the least amount of sense. So, I’d still conclude with the notion that the mantle could be passed on to Shuri later as the franchise evolves. But for now, Nakia should be the next Black Panther. Also, she’d look pretty sick in that Black Panther suit!

Black Panther II arrives on July 8, 2022. Would you like to see Nakia as the new Panther? Tell us in the comments.

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