Wolverine and Captain America are two iconic characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both possess superhuman strength and agility. They have also played crucial roles in saving the world from supervillains. Wolverine is known for his Adamantium claws and regenerative abilities, while Captain America wields his shield made of Vibranium with unmatched precision and is a skilled strategist. It was especially exciting to see Marvel’s in-universe metals make the big screen debut, but it also poses an important question.

Wolverine and Captain America
Wolverine and Captain America

Marvel’s fictional metals are undeniably formidable, from Wakanda’s stockpile of Vibranium to Wolverine’s Adamantium-laced skeleton and claws. In comics and films, both of these metals are practically indestructible. However, only one of these iconic metals may be considered the most powerful, right? 

What Is The Difference Between Adamantium And Vibranium?

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Fans are aware that Wolverine’s entire body is covered in an Adamantium skeleton. Adamantium is shown to be a man-made alloy in both the comics and the movies. The first use of it in comic books was to create Captain America’s shield as a composite metal with Vibranium. The metal in the movies only comes in one variation, though. When Adamantium is overheated and allowed to cool to a liquid state, it is most flexible.

The fictional metal was created by William Stryker, who mentions in X2: X-Men United that when cooled, it becomes almost unbreakable. Although it isn’t nearly as malleable once it has hardened, it can sustain practically all pressures and powerful blows. It can also cut through other metals easily and is bulletproof.

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Although Adamantium is unbreakable, it has its own weakness. Magneto can easily bend the metal to his will thanks to the alloy’s strong susceptibility to his powers. Additionally, as seen in The Wolverine, Logan’s six claws can be severed by the Silver Samurai’s hot blade.

Captain America
Chris Evans as Captain America

In both the movies and the comics, the meteor that struck Earth millions of years ago is the source of Vibranium. The radiation that resulted from it deformed the nearby plants and soil, giving rise to the Heart-Shaped Herb that gives each Black Panther his or her special abilities. The herb’s metal, which can be extracted via sonic technology, may be utilized to make buildings, clothes, weapons, and other goods, demonstrating how versatile the material is.

Vibranium is regarded as the strongest metal on Earth due to its durability. The fictitious metal does, however, have a few slight drawbacks. As demonstrated when Black Panther scratches Captain America’s shield in Captain America: Civil War, Vibranium can likewise be harmed by similar-material weapons.

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Although Vibranium can absorb kinetic energy, it may still be destroyed, as Thanos demonstrated in Avengers: Endgame when he destroyed the shield with his sword.

Can Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws Cut Through Captain America’s Vibranium Shield?

Both fictitious metals have battled several times in comic books, and most frequently, Adamantium can harm Vibranium, especially Captain America’s shield. However, due to its toughness, Vibranium can withstand longer strikes.

According to the comics, Wolverine’s claws can defeat most supervillains and super-mutants, but they can’t always break through the trustworthy shield of Captain America. At best, it can scratch off some of the surface paint from it.

Vibranium has been shown to be much more resilient and versatile than Adamantium in movies. Although Adamantium is denser, it can still melt under extremely hot conditions, whereas Vibranium’s only real weaknesses are sonic waves and the material itself. Vibranium easily wins the contest for being the more robust metal in the Adamantium vs. Vibranium comparison because it lacks readily available counters.

Therefore, Wolverine’s Adamantium claws are unable to cut through Captain America’s Vibranium shield.

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