Will Smith’s Oscar scenario blew up the entire world. Whether you watched the Oscars or not, surely you would have an opinion on the same. Chris Rock’s “Joke” on Jada Smith’s bald look didn’t sit well with Will Smith.

He went on the stage and slapped Chris Rock and ended up winning an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in King Richards. Chris Rock made fun of her hairstyle which was the result of her alopecia condition. He compared her to G.I.Jane who also portrayed a shaven cut in the film.

The moment this happened, tweets went viral but even celebs had a say in it. Check out what your favorite celebs have had to say about this scenario!

1. Judd Apatow blasted off on Twitter and then deleted the tweets. Thankfully, someone already took a Screenshot of those and posted it online.


2.  Jaden Smith Supported his Father!

3. Nicki Minaj Was Clearly Supporting the Smiths! She sympathized with Will Smith and “understood” his and Jada’s pain behind the joke.

4. Jimmy Kimmel did his best to remind people about the bright side and jokes at the Oscars 2022

5. Mark Hamill didn’t shy away from voicing his opinion and called it the “Ugliest Oscar Moment Ever.”

6. Conan O’Brien wanted to talk about this on a late-night show! Damn Son!

7. The Chainsmokers had to tweet about it as well!

8. Richard Marx doesn’t approve of Will Smith’s actions!

9. Kathy Griffin fears that this could start happening at Comedy Stand-ups and shows!

10. David Spade was clearly shocked at what a G.I.Jane Joke could do!

11. Stephen A Smith Is NOT OKAY with what happened between the two

12. Adam Sandler clearly saw this as a great opportunity to promote Chris Rock’s Upcoming World Tour!

After he received the award, Will Smith apologized to the nominees and the Academy. He later took his social media to personally apologize to Chris Rock. We certainly do hope everything is cool between them! What is your take on this event?

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