After the monstrous opening weekend box office, Joker has become the talk of the town. If you’ve not watched the movie yet, then we’d recommend you do not read this any further as this article contains spoilers. And now, one sharp-eyed fan has spotted an uncanny connection to Superbad. This tweet has gone viral for its hilarious content and the comments. We are sure you are going to have a good laugh looking at the tweet and the funny comments by the fans. The Twitter user @minalopzavina has pointed out one of the suits Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck wears is almost identical to that which McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) wears during the funny coming-of-age of film, down to the suede tan vest. Check this out:

Reactions to the Tweet:

This hilarious post has led to many other funny comments on its way. Lets’s have a look at some of them. Everyone knows about Joker’s movie, that’s trending. Joker is a journey about a failed comedian who seeks connection as he walks by the streets of Gotham City. He is bullied and poorly treated by society. The Joker is all alone by himself. He discovers facts about his mother and his life, which leads him to become a criminal mastermind known as The Joker. Let’s admit it now, we all had a good laugh looking at the tweet and the comments by fans. If you’ve watched the movie, you can easily relate the hilarious tweet with the outfit of Arthur Fleck in the film. It’s hard to generate something funny out of this movie, as the whole film is about a sad life. But we would say kudos to the people who bring out hilarious things out of such movies. Besides, it is sad to know that there is not going to be any other movie from the universe unless they make a sequel to Joker. If you haven’t watched the Joker trailer yet, then check it out now:

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