Cher, the American singer and actress, has been iconic for many generations. Her talents have made the media refer to her as the “Goddess of Pop.” She has managed to snag a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, an Academy Award, and three Golden Globe Awards in her lifetime. Before Taylor Swift’s massive success with the Eras Tour, the audience had Cher. Her 2002–2005 Living Proof: The Farewell Tour became the highest-grossing concert tour by a female artist ever at that time. She has been an inspiration for many artists to come.

Cher (Image via. People)

When one talks about Cher, the things that come to mind are trendsetting comments, elaborate dressing, political views, and her philanthropic work regarding LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS prevention. However, Cher has recently made headlines for her relationship with a man who is 40 years younger than her. 

“Go out with a younger man:” Cher opens up about her relationship with her boyfriend who is 40 years younger

The pop star appeared on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s YouTube show Chicken Shop Date, and things turned towards Cher’s personal life and her relationship with her boyfriend, who is currently 37 years old. When the hostess asked her for a piece of dating advice for women, she said:

“Go out with a younger man.”

Cher and Alexander A.E. Edwards
Cher and Alexander A.E. Edwards (Image via. WWD)

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This is not the first time the singer has been dating men younger than her. Her list of past relationships includes names like Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise, and Rob Camilletti—all of them pretty younger than her. Her current beau, Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, is 40 years younger than Cher, hence the whole stir-up in the media. While talking about dating a younger man on the YouTube show, she says:

“Older men just do not like me.”

Cher also gave a glimpse of how she met Edwards to the host. She was actually “not at all” into Edwards when they first started talking. However, she slowly fell in love with him over texts:

“I left to go to Switzerland and he texted me, ‘Where are you going?’ I said “I’m going to Switzerland. I’m a little tired,’ and then he wrote me, ‘Well, get some rest, babyyy,’ with three Ys,” she shared. “And I’m like, ‘He doesn’t know me well enough to put three Ys on baby.’ I was kind of pissed off. And then he just started texting me.”

Cher and Alexander Edwards
Cher and Alexander Edwards (Image via. Harper’s Bazaar)

The Believe artist continued:

“I told my friends, don’t fall in love with a younger man, we’re too old. And don’t fall in love by text. There goes that theory.” 

In an October interview with People previously, she said how she understands why people might be too interested in their relationship. Recognizing both her and Edwards’ differences, she said: 

“Alexander’s got diamond teeth, tattoos, white hair, and he’s way younger. He’s a beautiful man,” the pop legend said. “Also, I think it’s fun to be interested in somebody else’s love life!”

Cher's and Alexander Edwards
Cher’s and Alexander Edwards (Image via. People)

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However, she firmly confirmed her love for him, saying that she “loves being with him.” She also encouraged women of her age by saying that it is never too late. She also motivated women across the globe by saying she doesn’t focus on the statistics but pays more importance to spending a great time. 

Cher insists that she is the “least diva-like person”

Cher recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside some industry legends and new favorites like Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Timothée Chalamet. When she was asked on the show whether she thinks she is a diva, she promptly responded by saying:

“Don’t be ridiculous, I am the least diva-like person. That (behaviour) does not make sense to me.”

(Via. The Standard)

Cher (Image via. Billboards)

When she was asked if she listens to her own albums she again replied in the same manner saying:

“Not really. I listened to it until I was sure it was right, but I am not a huge Cher fan!”

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However, she did say her new album is “good.” She also talked about how she is finding it hard to cast someone for her biopic. According to her, it is because she has lived “too long” and done “so much.” However, she would not need anyone to work on the music part, as she would be taking care of it totally on her own. 

Cher’s new album Christmas was released on October 20, 2023, through Warner Records.

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