Michael B. Jordan just explained how it was working with Denzel Washington influenced his directorial duties for the movie Creed III.  After the sixth movie in the Rocky franchise, 2006’s Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone had fully committed to retiring the Italian Stallion. But to everyone’s surprise, Ryan Coogler (Black Panther director) had an idea for a spinoff that would be revolving around Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son aka Adonis which inspired Stallone to appear as Adonis’ trailer in Creed 2015. 

This performance earned Stallone his second Oscar!

A still from Creed 2

Creed then went on to become a critical as well as commercial success and made way for its sequel and now we have a third installment of the film. Creed II also proved to be a hit and in the movie, Stallone appeared to retire his character from another franchise. This year, it was announced that Jordan will be making his directorial debut with Creed III.

Denzel Washington

Fans are excited to see how well the movie turns out. Recently while speaking at an interview, Michael explained that it ” [He helped] prepared me for Creed III. I think just asking him a s***ton of questions, and observing how he runs a set, how he communicates with department heads, and just the process of what to look for and what to expect on a day-to-day grind. So, it was definitely the right project for me to do right before [Creed III], for sure … Being directed by Denzel, it’s like you had a master class at everything. He shows up every day to work to give it his all. He leaves with nothing in the tank, so you’ve got to match that energy and that drive. So, it definitely pushed me to do more. That was an incredible experience. Character development, breaking down characters, just getting to the micro of everything, being as specific as possible. It raised my game in a lot of ways, so I’m extremely grateful for that process.”

Michael B. Jordan

Washington is a legend and is acclaimed for his directorial work as well which makes him a talented filmmaker. Jordon is starring as well as directing the movie thus it was serendipitous that he got to work with Washington right before he took over the director’s chair for the first time.

Creed III is expected to be a huge step in the franchise and we can’t wait to see how Washinton influenced Jordon’s directorial debut!

Source: Screenrant

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