Sweet Cecily Daniher has hit The Walt Disney Company with a lawsuit, after the release of Onward. Sweet Cecily Daniher has claimed that Disney-Pixar had copied the van design owned by her without permission. A case has been filed against Pixar by Daniher in the United States District Court’s Northern District of California, claiming that Pixar had stolen the design of Daniher’s van.

Sweet Cecily Daniher files lawsuit against Pixar-Disney

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Sweet Cecily Daniher has claimed that Pixar Disney had stolen the Van designs.

It has is mentioned in the lawsuit that Disney had reached out to Sweet Cecily Daniher, asking if they could hire her van for a ‘special event’ in September 2018. Daniher realized in May 2019 that Disney had been planning to steal the designs of her van in Onward without her permission. 

Kori Rae called Daniher to apologize for not disclosing full intentions

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Disney Sued By Artist Over Unicorn-Adorned Van in Pixar’s ‘Onward

Sweet Cecily Daniher has posted a lot of images of her van, and her opinion regarding the lawsuit against Disney-Pixar. On the Instagram post of June 3, Daniher has reported that Kori Rae had called and apologized for hiring her van but not disclosing Disney’s full intentions concerning the van. At present, Kori Rae is a defendant in the lawsuit filed by Daniher against Disney and Pixar.

Daniher asks to stop Disney from “promoting, selling, marketing…..”

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Daniher is going to ask the court to stop Disney from promoting Onward.

After filing a lawsuit against Disney-Pixar, Sweet Cecily Daniher is looking forward to receiving damages of a monetary amount in the court as well as ask the court to stop Disney from “promoting, selling, marketing, shipping, etc. the motion picture Onward.

Disney Pixar - Onward - Meet The Characters (2020)

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