For long, the DC Extended Universe has focused on Batman. the Dark Knight has hogged the most attention and glory. And with good reason. The Dark Knight trilogy is one of the most profitable superhero trilogies in existence. You can’t blame the studio for trying to cash in on the Caped Crusader. But the DCEU now needs to branch out. To make sure the Bat Juice does not run out, more characters from Batman lore need to be part of the superhero universe. Thankfully, we just might be getting a movie on another member of the Bat family – Nightwing.

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Rumors of a Nightwing movie have been spreading like wildfire ever since the year 2017. Three years ago, fans started talking that several sources have confirmed a Nightwing movie directed by Chris McKay might be in the works. And then just like it came out of nowhere, talks of a Nightwing movie vanished into thin air. The executives at Warner Brothers refused to comment on the project’s status. Dick Grayson was again moth-balled – a gross injustice if you ask us.

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Come 2021 and talks have restarted on making the Nightwing movie a reality. In the comics, Nightwing’s real name is Dick Grayson. He was the very first Robin and the only member even the Joker found to be incorruptible. Many consider Dick Grayson the rock Batman falls back to when he is down. Dick Grayson is a multi-millionaire and uses his skills and resources to protect Blüdhaven, a region said to be much more violent and dangerous than Gotham.

What Did Chris McKay Have To Say?

In an interview with Cinemablend, Director Crhis McKay has claimed a Nightwing movie is still possible within the realms of the DCEU. he said and we quote:


“I hope it’s still a reality. I hope that we still get to make that movie. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not lost yet. It is obviously something that… they’ve had other priorities, they’ve had other challenges. They’d had things that they needed to do, and I think that they found their way, with their recent successes, and the stuff that they are planning on doing now. I think it opens the door for us to still be able to do a Nightwing movie. Whether you call it ‘in an alternate universe’ or you pick in their multiverse universe which universe it’s part of, there are different ways into it. But Nightwing is a big, action-packed, emotional movie. It may not, budgetarily, be similar to what we do with The Tomorrow War. But from a scope and scale standpoint, as far as the kind of action and the kind of heart, that’s what Nightwing is going to be all about.”


A tentative date for the project has not been announced yet. The last time we saw Nightwing in the movies was in The Dark Knight Rises. Joseph Gordon-Levitt masterfully essayed the role of a young and ambitious police officer with a strong sense of justice. He is over 40 years old now. So him playing the role of the Guardian angel of Blüdhaven seems out of the question.

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DC’s Titans series has Brenton Thwaites play the titular hero. Maybe DC could chip him into this potential blockbuster in the making.

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